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Our Voice-Over Services

Foreign language voice-over is a great way to reach new audiences—whether you are entering a new market and need to localize your commercial spots and marketing videos, or you’re looking to export your content such as audio books or video games. However, hiring and producing foreign-language voice-over content can be very tricky – especially for languages other than one's native tongue. With over 25 years of experience in the voice-over industry, we understand what it takes to deliver premium quality with each project.

Video Game Voice-Over

Video games are more popular than ever, so it is not surprising that original and localized video game voice-over production is one of the most-requested services at JBI Studios. Video game voice-over is tricky – the production must ensure that the translated scripts and audio recordings stay true to the original game, but also make sense to a new audience. In short, they can’t alienate existing fans of the game, but they have to attract new ones.

Audio Book Voice-Over

With the advent of online portals like Audible, Google Audiobooks, Scribd and Kobo, audio books have seen a significant rise. Publishers are now offering a growing number of multilingual options, including in German, French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, thus becoming a significant segment of the voice-over industry. Audio books come in four different forms: solo narration, duet-narration, multi-cast, or full-cast, with solo narration being the most common.

Commercial Voice-Over

Voice-over localization for commercial spots and marketing videos have increased for one simple reason – the internet. As content keeps moving online, marketing materials are following. Whether you are entering a new market or you’re trying to reach ethnic minorities in the U.S., getting a native voice talent to record your content can make or break your marketing strategy. Marketing and advertising agencies know that, thus, it has led to increased internationalization and transcreation.

Why Choose JBI Studios?

JBI Studios is a go-to provider for marketing agencies, production companies, and video game localization studios. We have over 25 years of experience with multilingual voice-over and dubbing – producing thousands of hours of audio. We’ve developed a pool of native-speaker voice-over artists & directors in Los Angeles and worldwide that allows us to provide you professional voice services in over 50 languages. We have the team and the experience to provide hassle-free voice-over services for your content. Our project managers, talents, directors and engineers work closely to ensure we meet all of your requirements – for all types of multimedia content and for all budgets.