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Our Dubbing Services

Whether you need lip-sync dubbing, UN-style dubbing, or lectoring, JBI Studios is your trusted studio for your dubbing needs. Our producers will help you find the dubbing solution that’s right for your content. Then we’ll direct you through the casting, studio recording, quality control, final mix & delivery. Dubbing, and especially lip-sync dubbing for entertainment content, is one of the trickiest types of localization. Getting it right is critical to whether or not your feature film, TV show or documentary has an audience around the world.


Lip sync dubbing is defined as replacing the original audio with another language and matching the lip movements of the characters on screen. From translation and lip sync adaptation to quality control of the voice recordings, highly skilled professionals are required in order to guarantee the lip-sync quality. Lip-sync dubbing is widely used for feature films, TV series, and animation, especially when localizing for the European market.


UN-style dubbing—also known as VO-style dubbing—is a dubbing style where the original audio can be heard at normal volume for the first few seconds. Then, the volume of the original audio is lowered and the foreign language audio is added over it. UN-style dubbing is commonly used for documentaries, reality TV, or any content where keeping the authenticity, emotions, and feel of the original characters is paramount.


Lectoring—also known as Lector Dubbing—is a very unique dubbing where one voice actor records all dialogue spoken. No effort is made to recreate the tone, emotions, and style of the characters. The focus is only on the content. This dubbing style is most commonly used in Poland.

Why Choose JBI Studios?

We have the team and the experience to dub your content hassle-free. Over 25 years serving clients, thousands of hours delivered on time, and our ability to scale for large multilingual projects make us the ideal partner for your next project. We are a full-service, turnkey localization studio with a commitment to customer service. Our project managers, talents, directors, and engineers work closely to ensure we meet all of your requirements – for all types of multimedia content and for all budgets.