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Our Access Services

Access services are multimedia services focused on helping people with disabilities (such as deafness, hard of hearing, or blindness) fully enjoy content. For example, in the USA, the FCC regulates the access services that broadcasters and TV networks are required to provide to their customers. Nowadays, most people are familiar with closed captioning since almost all broadcasters and streaming services are required to offer this option. But closed captioning is only one of the different access services available for your content.

Offline Closed Captions

Closed captions, not to be confused with subtitles or subtitles (SDH), are lines of text displayed on screen, specifically to relay any audible information necessary to understand the content. That includes dialogue, non-verbal cues like sighing or grunting, sound effects and musical cues. They were created initially to make broadcast content accessible to deaf and hard-of-hearing viewers in the United States.

Audio Description

Audio description is audio added during the existing pauses between character dialogues of a movie or TV show to describe to visually impaired people what is happening in the content to enhance their comprehension of the story.

Why Choose JBI Studios?

We have the team and the experience to provide hassle free access services for your content. We’ve developed proprietary production processes that guarantee the quality and consistency of every closed captioning or audio description project we produce. Our project managers, linguists, and post-production editors work closely with our clients to custom-build solutions that meet all of your requirements – for all types of multimedia content and for all budgets.