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Studios & Sound Stage

Broadcast Quality Los Angeles Voice-Over Studios 

JBI Studios offers complete facilities to produce professional voice recording, subtitling, video dubbing, voice-over and audio translations of your project in 50+ languages. Our Los Angeles voice over studios, which includes two recording studios, two video editing suites and one sound stage, provide us with the technology and the capacity needed to scale up and down to any project. We offer the flexibility to create an intimate interview setting or more expansive audience scene. Our production project managers will help determine which studio is right for your project and how to tailor the appearance, sound and quality of the studio to your production goals.

Best programs ensure success for your Foreign Language Voice Over project

Perhaps the most important element of any foreign language voice over project is the quality and crispness of the voice recording. Engineered specifically for optimal results, our studios are equipped with Pro Tools systems and complemented by a large number of plug-ins and state-of-the-art hardware to give the sound you should expect from a professional voice recording studio. Sound engineers and editors utilize only the best equipment and editing software to ensure the overall success of your production. Our sound engineers are experienced professionals who work closely with project managers to determine the aims of your foreign language voice-over project.

Voice Over Studio 1


Studio 1 is the largest of our two professional voice recording studios. It is equipped with cutting edge recording and editing equipment (Pro Tools, Focus Rite, AKG, Neuman), video capable, and phone patchable for clients who want to participate in a session remotely or even record from their facilities.

Voice Over Studio 2


Studio 2 is the smallest of our two professional voice recording studios, but happens to be equipped with exactly the same cutting edge recording and editing equipment as Studio 1 (Pro Tools, Focus Rite, AKG, Neuman).  It is also video capable and phone patchable for clients who want to monitor a session remotely or even record remotely from their own facilities.

Why do we have the same equipment in both studios?

Great question!  Having the same microphone, same pre-amp and same A/D interface allows us to produce the exact same sound in either studio.  This gives us flexiblity in scheduling recording sessions in either studios while keep perfectly consistent sound quality.

Video Editing Suites

We are clearly Final Cut Pro fans, but as a localization partner we need to use our client’s source files and therefore, we adapt to whatever format and software you use. That’s why both video editing suites in our two Los Angeles voice over studios are equipped with not only the Final Cut Studio Suite (Final Cut Pro, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, Compressor, etc.) but also the Adobe Creative Suite (Premiere Pro, After Effects, Encore DVD, etc.), as well the Sony Vegas Suite (Vegas Pro, Architect etc.). Our studio editors are experienced with all these programs and they will use the software that most suits the needs of your foreign language voice over production.

Sound Stage


One end set up for green screen shooting, one end set up for office backgrounds and meeting rooms. We can accommodate most scenarios commonly used for training and e-learning videos: talking heads, employee testimonials, role playing scenes, meetings, etc. And of course, we leverage Los Angeles’ endless pool of local and international voices and screen talent, enabling us to shoot in all major languages.

Some of Our Clients

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The JBI Difference


  • Voice-over talents carefully screened for native accent, tone, diction, and general professionalism.
  • A single project manager to oversee all aspects, from assets to delivery.
  • A native-speaking professional Voice-Over director to supervise each session.
  • A native-speaking QA editor to inspect all recordings for accuracy.
  • Rigorous post-production and file renaming processes.
  • Proprietary script formatting apps and pronunciation standards
  • Studios staffed by expert engineers, featuring ProTools HD and advanced hardware.