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Your English-language audio is just right – great copy, a seasoned voice-over performance & meticulous post-production. But now you need it for your audience around the world.

Turn to JBI Studios.

JBI is a full-service audio & voice-over production studio that specializes in foreign-language production. Unlike talent agencies & self-service sites, foreign languages are our core business, and we guarantee the native fluency and accuracy of all our recordings.

You get broadcast-quality audio that fits perfectly with your local markets' expectations – strengthening your sales, your customer engagement, and your brand's presence around the world.

We Know Localization
So You Don't Have To

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25+ years of expertise
50+ languages
85+ million words recorded.

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One-Stop Shop

Full-service recording & post-production with bullet-proof workflows.

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Your content recorded in multiple languages, on time and on budget.

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Our quality control processes guarantee premium quality and satisfied clients.

Leader in the Localization Industry

A go-to provider for Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies & film studios.

Why trust JBI Studios with your audio?

We have over 25 years of experience with multilingual voice-over and dubbing – producing thousands of hours of audio. Our state-of-the-art studios feature Pro Tools HD and Source-Connect, and are staffed by expert studio engineers. But more importantly, we’ve developed a pool of native-speaker voice-over artists & directors in Los Angeles and worldwide, that allows us to provide you professional voice services in over 50 languages.

With JBI Studios, you get a full-service localization partner. Audio mix, video integration, editing, on-screen graphics replacement and transcreation – our post-production studios can take every element of your production.

Premium localization & full-service production – that’s JBI Studios.

Voice Recording Services

Corporate & e-Learning

  • Sales Presentations
  • E-Learning Audio & Webinars
  • Apps & User Interfaces
  • IVR & Telephone Prompts
  • Educational Narration
  • Text-to-Speech Narration

Marketing & Entertainment

  • Radio & TV Spots
  • Film & TV Dubbing
  • Audio Books Narration
  • Video Game Localization
  • How-to Video Translation
  • Podcasts & Webisodes

The Right Voice for Your Brand or Organization

Great talents are the difference between engaging your audience & losing them.

Find yours today in our pool of over 2,500 voice talents, actors & artists

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JBI Studios guarantees the quality & native fluency of every production.

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