Video Localization Services

Comprehensive video localization & production services in over 50 languages from our Los Angeles studios.

We offer high-quality localization services such as dubbing, subtitling, titles & graphics replacement & audio description.

Reach Your Global Audience with Video Localization

Any company with international customers or employees needs to adequately localize its video content. Unfortunately, for most companies it is easier said than done.

That's where JBI Studios enters.

Instead of dealing with several vendors, streamline your video localization with JBI Studios, a leading provider with the linguistic proficiency, technical know-how, and a rigorous quality process that covers every multimedia element. 

From our studios in Los Angeles, and through our partner studios worldwide, we've localized thousands of videos. Providing our clients with services such as:

Video Dubbing: From off-screen voice-over, UN-style voice-over, to dialog replacement, or lip-sync dubbing, we have over 25 years of expertise in video localization. We will help you decide which option is the best one for your video content.

Subtitling & Captioning: Subtitles are the easiest solution for a fast and cost-effective localization solution, while captions are often a requirement but also the great option to reach the deaf and hard of hearing community.

OST & Graphic Localization: A crucial part often overlooked, the graphics and On-Screen Texts in your videos should be localized. Send us the source file of the video (Adobe Premiere/After Effects, AVID, Final Cut Pro, Motion) and we will do the rest.

Cost-effective, scalable video localization solutions customized for your content. From casting to final output, we'll assist and guide you to guarantee that your content will successfully connect with your desired audience. 

That's the JBI Difference!

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A Video Localization & Post-Production Studio You Can Trust

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Multimedia localization industry veteran of 25 years. Proprietary workflows to ensure quality & accuracy.

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Large language set? Long content scope? International partners & in-house team allow project scalability.

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JBI Studios delivers on time and on spec. Full quality assurance of all localized audio & video materials.

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One point-of-contact to oversee your project, from assets transfer to deliverables. Client-centered production.

Video Dubbing Services

JBI offers the full range of video voice-over.

Off-Screen Voice-Over: The industry-standard for your corporate multimedia, tutorials & marketing videos. The voice is off-camera, but audio translations are timed to animations, titles, or specific activities. 

UN-Style Voice-Over: The go-to solution for your corporate interviews, client testimonials, CEO communiqués & news footage. Translated voice-over starts 1-2 seconds after the original audio.

Voice Replacement: A cost-effective solution for e-Learning scenarios, corporate presentations & informational videos. The foreign-language voice starts & ends at the same time as the original audio, but there is no synchronization to lip movements. 

Lip-Sync Dubbing: A high-quality solution for your e-Learning scenarios, corporate films, commercials & online marketing spots. Replaces each speaker’s voice with corresponding foreign-language audio, matching performance, pace & lip movements.

Not sure what kind of video dubbing you need?
Watch our dubbing samples here

We'll take care of the casting, recording, quality control, mix and final output. All projects are voiced by our pool of over 2,500 professional dubbing actors. All sessions are overseen by bilingual directors to ensure quality and accuracy. And every production is reviewed by a native-speaker quality assurance editor.

Quality, accuracy and native fluency – that's JBI Studios.

Expert Localization for All Types of Content

Fortune 500 companies, e-Learning developers, studios and marketing firms all trust JBI Studios. Why?

Because we offer a streamlined and cost effective localization solution tailored to your specific to your video content, everything from CEO videos to feature films and social media promos.



Post Production

Extensive brand talent pools & premium casting,

Secured assets management via our servers, 

Translation & transcreation expertise for multiple locales.

Bilingual voice director oversee every recording session,

Studio equipped with ProTools HD and Source Connect, 

Pronunciation guidelines & Quality Control review.

Video Editing (Adobe Premiere, AVID, Final Cut Pro),

Motion Graphics (After Effects, Motion) & 3D Rendering,

Audio Editing, Sweetening & Mixing (2.0, 5.1, or 7.1 mix).

Closed-Captioning & Subtitling Services

A cost-effective, rapid solution for video localization.

JBI supports the full range of text-based video accessibility and localization options.

Closed-CaptioningDisplay any audible content. Usually in the same language as the original, they include sound effects or music to make any audio accessible to deaf or hard-of-hearing viewers. Required for accessibility in the US and many foreign locales.

SubtitlingDisplay any linguistic content in a foreign language. Dialog, voice-over narration, titles, or in-camera text like street signs or newspaper headlines is translated into over 140 languages.

Subtitles for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing (SDH)Combines subtitles and captions content into one deliverable, then translates it to make content available to foreign-language viewers who are deaf or hearing-impaired. Quickly becoming the accessibility standard.

JBI's customized project templates and rigorous workflows ensure the quality and accuracy of your titled deliverables. And our client-centered service guarantees that your videos release on time, on scope – and with the quality you need.

Contact us for samples of localized corporate videos, e-Learning scenarios, films, documentaries, TV shows, animations & web series.

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On-Screen Titles Replacement & Graphics Localization

Comprehensive localization services for all on-screen elements.

Video localization must tackle every part of your media, including any text. On-screen titles, graphics and forced narratives – we have the post-production and design capabilities to re-create them in over 50 languages. Our audio & video post-production capabilities include:

Audio Editing, Sweetening & Mixing
Video Editing (Adobe Premiere/After Effects, AVID, Final Cut Pro)
Motion Graphics (After Effects, Motion)
3D Rendering
On-Screen Titles & Graphics Replacement
DVD & Blu-ray Authoring, Encoding, Duplication and Replication

We use the software that our clients use, and can deliver in multiple formats, codec sets, and delivery standards – we have your corporate, e-Learning, entertainment or marketing content covered.

Match the look and feel of your original video with our title replacement services.

Audio Description Services

Reach your sight-impaired audience – in over 50 languages.

Audio description (AD) is now a broadcast accessibility standard. JBI's professional description specialists create a script that faithfully maintains the narrative threads, emotion and pacing of your show. And one our professional voice-over talents read it in the studio, synchronizing to picture.

You get content that's ready for all your viewers, ensuring compliance – and a delighted audience.

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