TV & Radio Commercials 

JBI Studios has over 25 years of experience producing TV and radio commercials. Our native voice talents and international production teams consistently produce broadcast-quality commercials that are true to brand identity and resonate with the target audience.

Professional Localization Studios in Los Angeles

JBI is set up specifically for premium-quality localization projects in all languages. We offer broadcast-quality recording studios, a soundstage and a green-screen for video production, and multi-platform video editing suites. Our clients around the world include Fortune 500 corporations, leading translation & localization vendors, and cutting-edge new media, marketing agencies and e-Learning companies.

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TV spots for Los Angeles marketing agency's for worldwide campaign

4 x 30-second spots | 22 languages


The Challenge: Consistent broadcast quality for all 22 languages.

The Solution:

  • JBI Studios cast strong "brand voice" talents in languages ranging from Japanese to Polish.
  • Thorough communication with Producer to ensure language directors understand tone and feel of campaign.
  • JBI Project Manager closely schedules voice-over sessions, post-production, mixing & QA to ensure on-time broadcast.

All spots delivered on time for rolling in-country releases. Client delighted with results.

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