Beyond translation and localization. 

We combine creativity, copywriting & foreign-market expertise to guarantee your message reaches – and engages – your target audience.

Premium Quality Multimedia Transcreation

Producers know that standard localization is not enough
for marketing spots, video games & trailers.

They trust JBI's transcreation services instead. 

JBI Studios’ international creative team is composed of native marketing communication (MarCom) experts, linguists, translators, bilingual copywriters and copy-editors with an unrivaled knowledge of their local markets. They'll re-think your creative content from scratch, beginning with a full rewrite, to recreate its impact and message. No matter the complexity of your marketing campaign or content roll-out, our transcreation experts will ensure that your message is conveyed with the right cultural inflection and specificity. 

All with JBI's guarantee of the quality, cultural accuracy, and local relevancy of our transcreated marketing & multimedia content.


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You may already have a team translating your existing marketing or multimedia content. In this scenario, we can intervene to polish your existing marketing or multimedia content for style, fluency and local relevancy. We use our linguistic and cultural expertise to ensure your message and brand identity are delivered to the correct target audience.

Capitalize on our international creative team to localize your marketing or multimedia content with creative ideas, linguistic and cultural accuracy, and local relevancy. From advertising campaigns to movie trailers and TV promos, we know the importance of delivering your message and your brand identity to your target audience in local markets.

We help content producers and marketers understand local markets. Our role is to ensure that your marketing or multimedia content will resonate with the targeted audience. We’ll act as consultants at each stage of the project, from concept and production to post-production. With an eye to rapidly-growing consumer trends, local market insights, and cultural best practices, we will help you reach and engage your target audiences.

Planning on re-shooting your training or instructional videos, and TV commercials for your local markets? Great decision! But simply translating the original script won’t be enough. We use our marketing communication and cultural expertise to ensure your message and brand identity are delivered to your target audiences. We can also handle the entire re-shoot. From casting international on-screen talents, to hiring bilingual directors, to the actual shoot, JBI has a stress-free solution for you.

Professional Localization Studios in Los Angeles

JBI is set up specifically for premium-quality transcreation projects in all languages.

Our facilities include broadcast-quality recording studios, a sound stage and a green-screen for video production, and multi-platform video editing suites. Our clients around the world include Fortune 500 corporations, leading translation & localization service providers, e-Learning developers, marketing agencies and cutting-edge new media companies.

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