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Premium content requires professional, native voice-over talents.

That's why you need to source your foreign-language corporate narrators, brand voices and dubbing actors from JBI Studios. Unlike agencies and self-serve websites, we guarantee the native fluency, skill and professionalism of every voice talent in our roster. And with JBI's full-service production, you get plug-and-play audio files that integrate seamlessly with your corporate presentation, marketing spot or e-Learning course, avoiding embarrassing non-native accents.

Engage your worldwide audience – with professional voice artists from JBI Studios.

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Why record with JBI Studios?


Reliable audio translation partner. Serving clients from our state-of-the-art studios in Los Angeles for over 25 years. Thousands of audio hours recorded with over 2,500 professional, native-speaker talents. Expertise with broadcast & online delivery formats.



Talents & directors in over 50 languages. Database of 2,500 native-speaker actors & corporate narrators, tested rigorously for accent & overall professionalism. Bilingual directors for all studio sessions. Rigorous quality control in every language. 



Full-service, turnkey localization. Special casting for corporate & brand voices. Ability to scale for large multilingual & rush projects. Single dedicated point-of-contact. Commitment to customer service. Guaranteed high quality & accuracy.


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