Polish Voice-Over Production Services

Unlike casting agencies and self-service voice-over websites, JBI Studios is a full-service studio specialized in voice-over, dubbing, subtitles & multimedia localization.

We guarantee the native fluency, quality & accuracy of our all our Polish productions. 

Professional Localization Studios in  Los Angeles

Our facilities are set up specifically for premium-quality voice recording in over 50 languages. 

They include two broadcast-quality recording studios, a soundstage for green-screen video production, and video editing and audio post suites that support multiple platforms.

See why Fortune 500 companies, marketing agencies and studios come to JBI Studios for their localization.

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Commercial, dubbing and animation demos for films, TV or video games available upon request.

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Voice-Over Localization for Poland

Why should you localize your voice-over in Polish? 

There are 55 million Polish-speakers worldwide. While the majority of them are in Poland (38.5 million), a large number of speakers also live in parts of Germany, Czechia (Czech Republic), Slovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. Moreover, it’s spoken as a primary language by émigrés to the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Brazil, Australia and Israel. Collectively, these speakers living outside of Poland are generally called the Polish diaspora.

Localizing corporate and sales content into Polish – everything from TV and radio spots to online pre-roll or marketing video – gives businesses access to this huge, transnational market. Businesses with workforces in Eastern Europe must also localize their corporate and e-Learning content into this language to stay competitive. Finally, media and entertainment producers can’t ignore the lucrative revenue streams accessible to dubbed productions.

Comprehensive Dubbing & Video Localization Services

Our Polish dubbing services are customized to address the needs of corporate, e-Learning, video game and entertainment projects. And of course, JBI is a full-service video localization & post-production studio. That means we can process all the elements in your videos, including on-screen titles, embedded & motion graphics, screen activity captures, forced narratives, captions – and any other content. 

What sets us apart from our competitors? 

25 years of multimedia localization expertise from our studios in Los Angeles and our partners in Poland and throughout Europe. Proprietary workflows and processes that ensure accurate pronunciation, native fluency and diction, and adherence to specifications. Native directors and QA reviewers on every production. And custom-built solutions that address your budget, timeline – and your specific project needs.


All with the native fluency, accuracy & quality that's JBI's signature.

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Trust The Localization Experts


Our localization process ensures the highest quality and accuracy for complex projects with a large set of languages.

  • We custom-build a budget based on your voice-over needs.
  • One single project manager helps you cast voice talents.
  • Our directors supervise the recordings sessions for accuracy and quality.
  • A native-speaker QA editor reviews all audio.
  • Our engineers process the audio to strict specifications.
  • Your project manager delivers the localized content for final approval.

Polish Text-to-Speech (TTS)

TTS voices are the perfect solution when recording a large amount of content on a tight deadline.

When coupled with our thorough pronunciation and post-production workflows, text-to-speech is a cost-effective choice for projects like user manuals, regulatory notices, legal compliance & video accessibility.

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The JBI Difference

  • Custom-Built Localization Solutions
  • Tailored Casting of Brand Talents
  • One Project Manager per Project

  • Broadcast-Quality Recording Studios
  • Directors for All Recording Sessions
  • Linguistic Review of All Localized Content

  • Premium Video Game & App Recording
  • TV, Radio & Web Spot Expertise
  • Pro Tools HD & Source-Connect in Studios