Language Services

Translation and Language Services

A trusted Language Services Provider (LSP) is invaluable, but what if you need a one-stop solution for your localization project or content creation needs? JBI Studios can help.

Tell us about your multimedia project. Do you need a content writer or filmmaker in any language? Do you have webinars that need to be localized in foreign languages, and you don’t know where to start? Marketing material to be transcreated? An audio or video description project? Contact us, we will offer the best solution for your project.

Audio and Video Translation


When you turn to JBI Studios for your audio or video translation, you can choose between two workflows:
- Ask us for a referral to one of our audio translation partners, source your video or audio translation through them, and come back to us for the professional voice recording, voice over, video dubbing and the subtitling. 

- Have us handle the entire project! We will provide you with the audio translation for your audiovisual project. After you have approved the translation, we will also handle your multimedia localization needs.

In-Studio Interpretation


Lots on video content to translate & dub in very little time?

In our experience, In-Studio Interpretation is the fastest and most cost-effective solution for conversion in foreign languages of your video content. Especially for short turnarounds!

The interpreter will translate your content “on the fly” in any language that you need. You will get the best professional voice recording quality, and you will be able to communicate your content to your global audience.

Audio Description


Our professional describers have experienced points-of-view, study relationships between characters, logos and concrete actions; and know to avoid plot information, sound cues, lyrics, and any issues that may come up.
They’re also experts in their respective country-specific standards.
We not only have the content creation capabilities (in every language), but also the technical expertise and the right narrator for your project.



If your multimedia marketing project requires a creative translation, we can help you too.
Translation quality is crucial to the success and budget of any transcreation project.
Our expertise in audio & video transcreation lets us guarantee the quality, accuracy, and fluency of every project.

Professional Digital Studios in Los Angeles

Our facilities are set up specifically for high-quality, foreign-language professional voice recording, which is expected by our clients around the world. We offer two in-house recording studios, multi-platform in-house video editing suites, and a soundstage for green-screen video.

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The JBI Difference


  • Voice-over talents screened for native accent, tone, diction, and general professionalism.
  • A single project manager to oversee all aspects, from assets to delivery.
  • A native-speaking professional Voice-Over director to supervise each session.
  • A native-speaking QA editor to inspect all recordings for accuracy.
  • Rigorous post-production and file renaming processes.
  • Proprietary script formatting apps and pronunciation standards
  • Studios staffed by expert engineers, featuring ProTools HD & advanced hardware.