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Professional Japanese Voice-Over Services

Need to record your voice-over in Japanese with professional, native voices?

Turn to JBI Studios.

We are a Japanese voice-over agency specializing in multimedia for Japan, with over 25 years of industry experience. Our audio services leverage top actors in Los Angeles and from our in-country partner studios.

You get Japanese voice audio that will delight your audience – strengthening your sales & customer engagement. 

A Japanese Localization Partner You Can Rely On
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Premium Quality

Proprietary workflows & our studio team’s expertise enable us to deliver broadcast quality on every Japanese audio voice-over recording.

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Content Protection

We understand that content is your organization’s most valuable asset & protect it with rigorous server and employee protocols.

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International Team

Corporate voice talents & dubbing actors in our LA studios & partners in Japan. Bilingual directors & QA editors for all sessions. One dedicated project manager.
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Industry Expertise

25+ years of studio services, in 50+ languages – resulting in 85+ million words recorded for corporate, marketing & entertainment clients.

Voice Talents Casting for Japan

Premium Japanese Voice Recording for Diverse Products

Our services support corporate & entertainment projects, with a focus on quality & accuracy. Our casting directors screen Japanese voice-over talents rigorously for Tokyo accent, proper diction & overall professionalism.

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Corporate Presentations

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E-Learning, Apps & User Interfaces

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Radio, TV & Web Spots

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Video Games for Japan

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Text-to-Speech Narration

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Film & TV Dubbing

Serving Clients from Film Studios to Fortune 500 Companies

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