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Japanese Subtitles & Closed Captions

Subtitling is a cost-effective localization solution with short turn-around times. But the right vendor is still crucial, since Japanese audiences expect rigorous linguistic accuracy and technical perfection.

That's where JBI Studios can help.

Our Japanese subtitles are produced by seasoned professionals who are native speakers, and who deliver impeccable, perfectly-timed translations. Your videos are subtitled right the first time, so you can avoid embarrassment and thrill your audience in Japan.

Source content in Japanese?

JBI's closed captioning services will ensure accessibility compliance.

Reach your entire foreign-language audience – with SDH.

Subtitles for the Deaf & Hearing-Impaired (SDH) is quickly becoming the standard for video localization accessibility. It combines subtitles and captions into one localized file that complies with local regulations and expands your audience.

Quality, convenience & flawless deliveries – that's JBI Studios.

A Complete Vendor for Video Localization 

Does your video have other elements that need translation & localization? Graphics? Voice-over? A large language set?

We can take that on too. Our full-service post-production studio is a one-stop shop for localization, in Japanese and over 50 other languages.

On-screen Titles & Graphics
Replace any on-screen text, including lower-thirds, user interface shots and screen-activity captures. Full support for Final Cut Pro & Adobe Creative Suite.

Video Editing
Need to expand or tweak your localized videos? Our editors have thousands of professional editing hours cutting corporate, marketing & industry content.

Whatever your captioning & subtitling translation needs for Japan, JBI Studios has a rapid, cost-effective & scalable solution.

Why Choose JBI Studios?



One-Stop Solution

Our custom multimedia localization solutions take all elements of translation, localization & multimedia into account, so that you don’t have to cobble vendors together.

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Singular History & Expertise

JBI Studios' evolution from premium translation agency to full-service multimedia localization studio lets us provide consistent quality and accuracy at every step of the process.

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Scalability & Convenience

Our full-service, turnkey production can scale up for large multilingual & rush projects. Our commitment to customer service means all your needs are met on time and on budget.

Subtitling Localization Process to Ensures Accuracy & Quality

A rigorous workflow for perfect deliveries -- in any language.

Videos and transcripts are received.
Transcription, if necessary.
Spotting for time-coded template.
JBI’s Japanese linguists translate. 
OR, JBI delivers template to your team.
Full linguistic quality assurance.
Client translation review.
Screener video or subtitles files for Client review.
Client changes integrated.
Final delivery.

JBI Studios guarantees the technical and linguistic accuracy of all our Japanese captioning, subtitling & SDH projects.

Full Source Format Support

We accept any standard video & audio format – if you can produce it, we can take it.

Our in-house post-production team will interface with your post editors for a seamless assets transfer, and to develop thorough delivery specifications.

Output Options

We deliver most standard captions & subtitles formats, including:

Videos with titles burned in
Text formats (SRT, SCC, etc.)
Text & graphics combinations Quicktime Alpha channel videos
…and many more.
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JBI Studios guarantees the quality & native fluency of every production.

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