Italian Voice-Over Production Services

JBI Studios is a full-service studio specializing in voice-over, dubbing, subtitles & multimedia localization.

Unlike casting agencies and self-service websites, we guarantee the native fluency, quality, and accuracy of all our Italian voice-over productions.

Professional Localization Studios in  Los Angeles

JBI is set up specifically for premium-quality voice-over recording in all languages. We offer broadcast-quality recording studios, a soundstage and green-screen for video production, and multi-platform video editing suites. 

See why Fortune 500 corporations, leading translation & localization companies, marketing agencies,  e-Learning developers and cutting-edge new media companies rely on JBI Studios.

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Dubbing reels and acting demos for entertainment projects or video games available upon request.

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Why should you localize your voice-over in Italian? 

Italian is the third most widely spoken language in the European Union, with 65 million native speakers. Moreover, it is spoken as a second language by about 14 million speakers, and by a total of 85 million speakers worldwide, including countries like the United States, Uruguay, Ethiopia and Libya, where it is recognized as a minority language.

Italy also has the eighth largest economy in the world, and the third largest in the Eurozone. Corporations and businesses must localize products and services into Italian to access this market, whether via TV & radio spots, commercials, online marketing videos, or new media productions. Likewise, production companies regularly dub TV shows, movies, video games and audiobooks into Italian – to not do so would mean missing out on a particularly large segment of the global audience.

What sets us apart from our competitors? 

We've recorded high-quality Italian voice-over and dubbing audio for over 25 years from our studios in Los Angeles. That includes feature films & TV shows, coporate webinar localization, video game recordings, and e-Learning courses. Our proprietary production processes guarantee the native fluency and consistent quality of every production. And our client-centered service ensures that you get a workflow custom-built for your project's budget and timeline.

Ensure the success of your next multimedia localization project with JBI Studios.


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Trust The Localization Experts


Our localization process ensures the highest quality and accuracy for complex projects with a large set of languages.

  • We custom-build a budget based on your voice-over needs.
  • One single project manager helps you cast voice talents.
  • Our directors supervise the recordings sessions for accuracy and quality.
  • A native-speaker QA editor reviews the recordings.
  • Our engineers process the audio to strict specifications.
  • Your project manager delivers the localized content for final approval.

Italian Text-to-Speech (TTS)

TTS voices are the perfect solution when a large amount of content must be recorded on a short deadline. 

When coupled with our tested pronunciation and post-production standards, text-to-speech can be a cost-effective choice for projects like user manuals, audio description, regulatory notices, and legal compliance document accessibility.

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The JBI Difference

  • Custom-Built Localization Solutions
  • Premium Voice Talent Casting
  • One Project Manager per Project

  • Broadcast-Quality Recording Studios
  • Directors for All Recording Sessions
  • Linguistic Review of All Localized Content

  • Premium Video Games & Apps Recording
  • TV, Radio & Marketing Spot Expertise
  • Broadcast-Quality Dubbing for Movies