Proprietary Multimedia Localization Workflows

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25 years as an localization industry leader

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Rigorous Localization & Voice-Over Procedures

JBI Studios' detailed workflows are unique in the multimedia localization industry.

They feature screening all voice talents for native accent during casting; requiring bilingual directors & quality assurance on every session; implementing detailed bug tracking systems for multimedia  integration; and developing processes for new media every day.

And many more innovations, all honed during our tenure as a localization industry leader.

Detailed Workflows for Video Dubbing & Voiceover Services 

Whether we provide full localization services, or support your in-house translation team, our step-by-step procedures capture your project’s needs to produce accurate deliverables.

Project Launch.png

Dedicated project manager captures technical & pronunciation details.

Assets Transfer

Upload to our secure FTP or we download from your server.

Secured Server.png
Localization Prep

Assets sorted, text transcribed & translation tasks assigned.

JBI Studios Translation Services.png
Linguistic Translation

Our expert translation & linguistic QA. Or, we hand-off to your team.

JBI Studios Video Dubbing Services.png
Casting & Scheduling

Voice talents, on-camera actors, director & studio engineer booked.

Audio & Video Recording

Voice-over recorded, titles replaced, audio mixed & videos re-shot.

JBI Studios Multimedia Localization Services.png
Quality & Accuracy Check

JBI Studios' linguists review for adherence to script & overall quality.

Media Corrections

Any issues re-recorded, re-shot & re-formatted -- then checked again.

JBI Studios Post-Production Services.png
Editing & Post-Production

Our post-production engineers clean, edit, mix, subtitle & marry to video.

Media Integration.png
Full Integration 

Media elements incorporated into final localized multimedia suites.

JBI Studios Multimedia Localization Services.png
Final Review 

Translation, consistency, overall quality & integrity fully checked.

Upload Cloud.png

Files delivered via secure project FTP, or uploaded to your servers.

Our Workflows Avoid Implementation Issues



    QA reviews are built into every step of each multimedia deliverable -- from translation to voice-over & integration. All done by native language editors who are industry veterans in their specific deliverable.

    JBI Studios avoids deliverable problems through rigorous specs tracking, from the client to our producer, all the way to the studio and QA reviewer. Specs are confirmed, then checked thoroughly, then logged for pick-ups or add-ons.

    You get a designated producer overseeing our rigorous workflows and ensuring consistency. Best of all, you’re a call away from our Los Angeles studios, so issues get resolved quickly and changes implemented seamlessly.