Life Sciences

Audio and Video Translation for Life Sciences and Medical Localization

Stringent Requirements for Localization

Medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical content is especially difficult to localize. Not only is accuracy crucial, but translations must also take into account local laws and regulations. Moreover, the amount of content can be staggering — regulatory and legal content can run into the tens of thousands of words. As medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies are relying increasingly on eLearning to meet training, regulatory and compliance requirements, accurate multimedia content localization is becoming critical to their success. JBI Studios provides audio, video, and multimedia production and localization services to medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical companies, to help their products reach global markets, while complying with local regulatory and training standards.

Professional Voice Talents and Directors, with a Rigorous Quality Process

Medical, life sciences and pharmaceutical content is challenging to voice-over — it can contain unfamiliar terms, equations, abbreviations, and acronyms. Our quality assurance processes ensure accurate content, through: - Rigorous pronunciation standards and procedures, including guidelines for talents - In-studio directors who are native-speakers with extensive experience in complex linguistic content - Quality-assurance reviews to guarantee that recordings are accurate and adhere to technical scripts.


Human-sounding Synthetic Voices for Larger Scopes

The regulatory language for medical services or pharmaceutical content can be extensive, and it often has to be made available in multiple languages, often to ensure accessibility to persons with disabilities. For large amounts of difficult content, human-sounding synthetic voices can be a cost-effective solution. As opposed to human voice talents, synthetic voices don’t get “tired,” meaning that large recordings can be created within much shorter timelines. For more information on our Human-sounding Synthetic Voices, click here.

The JBI Difference


  • Voice-over talents screened for native accent, tone, diction, and general professionalism.
  • A single project manager to oversee all aspects, from assets to delivery.
  • A native-speaking professional Voice-Over director to supervise each session.
  • A native-speaking QA editor to inspect all recordings for accuracy.
  • Rigorous post-production and file renaming processes.
  • Proprietary script formatting apps and pronunciation standards
  • Studios staffed by expert engineers, featuring ProTools HD & advanced hardware.