Government And Non Profit

Localization for Governments and Non-profit Organizations

Governmental clients, nonprofits and international organizations have expanding languages service needs. JBI Studios understands those needs, and has an extensive experience in the localization of audio, video and multimedia projects for all public institutions and international organizations.

JBI Studios is a certified Diverse Supplier, is registered with Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database for the U.S. Federal Government in support of agency acquisition missions, and is a registered vendor of the United Nations global Marketplace.

Government, Non-profits, and International Institutions

Governmental, public, and non-profit institutions face a constantly changing (and expanding) need for language services. Audio and video localization is essential serving multilingual and disabled groups at home. Moreover, these institutions may have to comply with National Security Administration and Department of Homeland Security Administration clearances, as well as supplier diversity mandates. On top of that, both government entities and NGOs may require content for refugee populations or populations in conflict zones, so that sourcing talents may be quite difficult. Finally, grants and funding for these groups must usually be tracked very closely – this can mean extra paperwork and bureaucracy.

For this reason, the main challenges for this industry are vendor on-boarding, which can take months to process; native-speaker casting; and paperwork compliance, which can sometimes double project management time.

The JBI Difference


  • Voice-over talents screened for native accent, tone, diction, and general professionalism.
  • A single project manager to oversee all aspects, from assets to delivery.
  • A native-speaking professional Voice-Over director to supervise each session.
  • A native-speaking QA editor to inspect all recordings for accuracy.
  • Rigorous post-production and file renaming processes.
  • Proprietary script formatting apps and pronunciation standards
  • Studios staffed by expert engineers, featuring ProTools HD & advanced hardware.