Hungarian Voice-Over, Dubbing & Subtitling

We guarantee that our Hungarian productions meet the highest standards in the areas of native fluency, quality, and accuracy—setting us apart from typical agencies or self-service voice-over websites.

JBI Studios is a full-service studio specialized in voice-over, dubbing, subtitles, and multimedia localization.

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JBI is set up specifically for premium-quality voice-over recording in all languages. We offer broadcast-quality recording studios, a soundstage and green-screen for video production, and multi-platform video editing suites.

Our clients around the world include Fortune 500 corporations, leading translation & localization companies, marketing agencies, cutting-edge new media and e-learning companies.

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Hungarian commercial, acting, and animation voice samples for entertainment projects or video games available upon request.

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Professional Localization Studios in Los Angeles

What sets us apart from our competitors? 

We are localization experts in Hungarian voice-over production. We crafted proprietary production processes to guarantee quality and consistency of every Hungarian voice-over recording. We work with our clients to custom build localization solutions that meet all of their expectations, for all types of multimedia content and for all budgets.

From our studios in Los Angeles, we have been producing second-to-none Hungarian voice-over for over 25 years. Our expertise and experience with foreign-language voice-over, video dubbing, and multimedia localization services will guarantee the success of your next localization projects.

Hungarian Voice-Over

JBI Studios complies with all correct forms of Hungarian-language fluency, accuracy, and quality. We have over 25 years of experience with Hungarian voice narration projects such as documentaries, dubbing, e-Learning, corporate videos, presentations, radio/TV commercials, and video games.

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Hungarian Voice-Over

JBI Studios facility features professional video dubbing booths, sound stage with complete audio production for recording, editing, mixing and mastering dialog. Our native Hungarian voice talents with dubbing experience are adept at recreating your project's original performance as closely as possible. The language director will have a good grasp of detail to discuss any product names or industry jargon that needs clarification. We are a leading professional voice recording studio, with experienced native voice talent. JBI Studios also offer Hungarian subtitling services, and Hungarian translation of audio/video multimedia. For projects that need other language audio translations and English accents for authenticity with global audiences, consider having one project manager handle all your languages for consistency across all language outputs.



Hungarian Lip-sync Dubbing

The name says it all – lip-sync dubbing replaces each speaker’s voice with a corresponding foreign-language talent, matching the performance, rhythm, and precise lip movements. Moreover, script translations are adapted rigorously to match lip-sync, while maintaining the meaning and thrust of each line. From our Los Angeles studio and through a worldwide network of in-country partners, we offer professional, high-quality dubbing in Hungarian.


Hungarian Film, TV & Web Content

For entertainment content, the dubbing must match the rhythm, tone, and pace – all to re-create the illusion of the original. JBI Studios’ Hungarian talents are all rigorously screened, not only for native Hungarian accent and diction, but also for acting ability and dubbing experience. Your dramas will make foreign audiences cry, and your comedies will make them guffaw. For entertainment content, the dubbing must match the rhythm, tone, and pace – all to re-create the illusion of the original. JBI Studios’ Hungarian talents are all rigorously screened, not only for native accent and diction, but also for acting ability and dubbing experience.


Hungarian Corporate & E-learning Content

Corporate and E-learning content requires more accurate content, this is paramount to its success. Our Hungarian script timing editors work with your linguists to retain the full meaning of the original content, but make sure that the lip-sync still works.

Hungarian Subtitling Services

Based in Los Angeles, JBI Studios provides in-house Hungarian subtitling services. Our team is comprised of experienced translators, editors and language experts who assure the subtitles are correct both from a linguistic and technical perspective. By choosing JBI Studios for your Hungarian subtitling needs, you will join a long list of satisfied, happy clients.

The three main output types for subtitles are: video file, text files and DVDs (with or without associated graphics) containing the time coding information. We'll help you choose what is appropriate for your subtitling project. Besides working on projects that involve language conversion into Hungarian subtitles, JBI Studios has experience in Hungarian language services like Hungarian dubbing.

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All Video Formats: QuickTime, WMV, SWF, FLV, etc

MOV, MP4, WMV, SWF, FLV, and many more

Subtitles can be “toggled” (turn on and off), or “burned in” (static)

Encoded Text (STL, SRT, SSA, etc.) – for DVD authoring programs, YouTube/web interfaces, etc
XML files – for editing programs (Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Avid) or Flash
Graphics/Text references – text file with graphics (JPG/BMP/TIFF)

DVD with subtitles track (toggle) 

QuickTime video with subtitles track (toggle)

QuickTime Alpha channel track (toggle)

The JBI Difference

  • Custom-Built Localization Solutions
  • Tailored Casting of Premium Voice Talents
  • One Project Manager per Project

  • Broadcast Quality Recording Studios
  • Directors for the Recording Sessions
  • Linguist Review of All Localized Content

  • Premium Video Games & Apps Recording
  • Unrivaled Marketing Recordings
  • Broadcast Quality Dubbing for Movies