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Voice-Over & Audio Services Expertise for France

First-time voice-over producers and seasoned multimedia experts have the same problem. How do you get professional French talents with native accents if you don’t speak the language?

By recording your French voice-over with JBI Studios.

With JBI Studios, you get 25 years of industry experience in foreign-language audio, a proven track record, and a pool of top-quality talents, actors & artists. You and your clients get accurate, high-quality audio that your French audience will love.

Need Canadian or Belgian French?

French is also the native language of over 7 million Canadians and over 4 million Belgians. It's especially critical to localize entertainment and marketing content for Canada and Belgium to reflect local accent and vocabulary, and a good practice as well for corporate and e-Learning materials.

Click here for Canadian French talent samples. 
For Belgian French talent samples, contact us directly.


 Not Sure Where to Turn for French Audio Localization?
Turn to JBI Studios.
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Broadcast-Quality Audio Services

Professional audio & dubbing studios equipped with ProTools HD & Source-Connect, and staffed by veteran engineers. Proprietary filenaming & post-production processes.

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Rigorous Data Safety

We know your data is your most valuable asset. That's why we provide a secure client server and data processes, and implement rigorous internal data safety procedures.
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International Talent Pool

Over 2,500 voice talents & dubbing artists from our studios in LA & through in-country partners. Casting for brand voices & special projects. Quality & native fluency guaranteed.
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Industry Expertise

85+ million words recorded in English, French, Japanese and 50+ other languages, serving e-Learning, corporate & entertainment companies.

French Actors Casting Services

Full Suite of Corporate, e-Learning & Entertainment Audio Localization

Our production team supports all audio & video localization with customized, scalable services to fit your requirements.

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Webinars & Corporate Presentations

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User Interfaces, Apps & Courses

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Commercials for Television & Radio

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French Video Game Localization

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Text-to-Speech (Synthetic Voices)

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Dubbing for Films & TV Series

Satisfied Corporate, Marketing & Entertainment Industry Clients

For a complete listing, click here.

French Corporate Narrators

JBI Studios' professional corporate talents, coupled with our bilingual directors and quality assurance editors, guarantee seamless audio with no delays or mistakes.

Listen to our professional voice narrator samples.

French Dubbing Actors

Films, TV series and video games require actors who can emote while matching lip-sync or working long sessions.

JBI’s pool of top French voice actors ensures you get native voice talents who can handle your content

Scalable Workflows Customized for Your Voice-Over Needs

French Text-to-Speech (TTS) Voices

Text-to-speech (TTS) is rapid & cost-effective, and used for everything from e-Learning courses to telephone systems. You’ve probably heard it already at the airport, on your GPS, and on your smartphone. Available for both France and Canadian accents.

Not sure if TTS is a good solution for your French audio localization? Contact us.

Our Full Audio Localization Workflow Makes JBI Studios a One-Stop Multimedia Vendor

Captioning & Subtitling Services

Captioning & subtitling is a rapid, cost-effective way to localize videos or make them accessible. JBI Studios has extensive experience with captioning source French content, as well as producing French-language subtitles for films & TV series.

Video Text & Graphics Services

Professional post-production studios that support localizing on-screen text, animations, UI’s, and anything else in your timeline. Our expert video editors format for French text requirements and font standards.

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