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Whether you’re budgeting a show in pre-production, or repurposing a back catalog, JBI Studios has a cost-effective, scalable localization solution to meet your needs.

We’ve localized thousands of hours of films, TV shows and web series from our studios in Los Angeles, and through our partner studios worldwide. Unlike most language-service providers, we’re a full-service post-production studio that understands the specific needs of premium entertainment and video game content.

Independent producers and distributors trust JBI Studios with their shows. 
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Why Make JBI Studios Your Localization Partner?

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Entertainment localization veteran.
25 years
 of expertise with industry standards & deliverables.

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Full seasons of TV shows? Back catalog for OTT? We have the studios & talent pool to take on large scopes.

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Don’t miss an air date or lose a distribution deal. JBI Studios delivers productions on time, on spec & on scope.

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Your show is thrilling. Let our linguists and dubbing voice actors do your work justice – in any language.

Lip-Sync Dubbing Services

Lip-sync dubbing for your show requires technical know-how, exacting translation – and a touch of creative spark.

Our team of specialized script translators captures your show’s intent and nuance. Our pool of over 2,500 voice dubbing actors lets us cast your full character list. And our experienced studio directors and engineers ensure that everything comes together to capture your show’s essence and production value.

Whether you need natural lip-sync dubbing reads for live action content or more energetic performances for animated series, we have experienced directing staff that will ensure you get the right dubbing for your show.

Thrill your international audience – with JBI Studios.

Services Tailored for All Platforms & Usage

  1. Whether you’re releasing in cinemas overseas, on a digital platform, or for home entertainment, JBI Studios has the service level and usage fee structure that’s right for you. And our post-production studios support the full range of deliverables – from 4K and HD video, to 5.1 and stereo mixes.




Over-the-top (OTT) distribution on Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and other services. Adherence to quality & compression specs for each platform.

TV & cable content. Scalability for full seasons & back catalogs. Casting tracking for continuity. Compliance with FCC & international regulations.

Distribution for cinemas worldwide. Full support for 4K & HD video standards, 7.1 & 5.1 mixes, and DCP-compatible file formats.

Subtitling & Closed Captioning Services

Reach your audience quickly & cost-effectively.

With closed captions, you comply with local regulations and expand your audience. Subtitling services localize your voice-over and on-screen titles for overseas distribution. And subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing (SDH), quickly becoming an accessibility requirement, expands your audience in foreign-language markets.

JBI Studios has developed proprietary templates and processes that make reviews and integration seamless, and error-free. Best of all, we support all standard file formats and integration specifications – if you can create it, we can process it and replicate it.

Contact us for samples of previously dubbed and titled films, documentaries, TV shows, animations and web series.

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Audio Description

Reach your blind and sight-impaired audience.

Audio description makes the video picture accessible to persons who are blind, have low vision or are otherwise visually-impaired. It describes what happens on-screen faithfully, maintaining the narrative thread, pacing and emotion.

JBI Studios' team of expert describers and specialized voice talents ensure accessibility compliance – and a delighted audience in over 50 languages.

Video Game Localization & Production

Thrill your players worldwide – in over 50 languages.

Video game localization is particularly complex, requiring assets management, casting for hundreds of characters, voice-over recording, dubbing for interstitial videos, and rigorous post workflows that manage thousands of media files. All while maintaining the quality and impact of your original game. 

This is where JBI Studios' focus on premium productions and native fluency really pays off.


See why the world's top video game production companies have trusted JBI with titles like 
King’s QuestPhantasmagoriaHalo 2Taikodom & Math Blaster. 

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