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You require high-quality, turnkey localization solutions
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JBI Studios is the partner you need.

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Corporate Video Dubbing

Not sure where to start?

Pick the type of voice-over that matches your video. JBI oversees the casting, studio recording, quality control, final mix & delivery.

You get a high-quality dubbed video – that's ready to go to market.


Off-Screen Voice-Over (Narration)

The voice is off-camera, but audio translations must still be timed to animations, titles, or specific activities. The industry-standard for your corporate multimedia, tutorials & marketing videos.

UN-Style Dubbing

The translated audio starts 1-2 seconds after the original audio, which is lowered to 20% of original volume. The industry-standard for your corporate interviews, client testimonials, CEO communiqués & news footage.

Voice/Dialogue Replacement

The foreign-language voice starts & ends at the same time as the original audio, but there is no synchronization to lip movements. A cost-effective solution for e-Learning scenarios, corporate presentations & informational videos.

Lip-Sync Dubbing

Replaces each speaker’s voice with corresponding foreign-language audio, matching performance, pace & lip movements. A high-quality solution for your e-Learning scenarios, corporate films, commercials & online marketing videos.

Ready to Get Started? Follow These Steps:

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  2. Pick your international voices from our professional voice talent samples here.
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  5. Watch some samples of previous work.

JBI Studios guarantees the quality & native fluency of every production.

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What Sets JBI Studios Apart?


    Reliable translation partner. Serving clients from our Los Angeles studios and our worldwide partners for over 25 years. Thousands of hours delivered on time & to stringent specifications.

    Full-service, turnkey localization. Ability to scale for large multilingual & rush projects. Single dedicated point-of-contact. Commitment to customer service. Guaranteed high quality & accuracy.

Dubbing for Films, TV Shows & Web Series

You work tirelessly to create thrilling, high-quality entertainment.
JBI reproduces that quality for an international audience.
Just send us your content & we'll take care of the rest.


Feature Film, TV Show & Web Series Dubbing

High-quality, industry-standard lip-sync dubbing for theatrical, broadcast & online releases. Dubbing artist pools in over 50 languages. Scalability for large, multi-season projects. Delivery to spec for multiple release platforms.

Documentary Dubbing & UN-Style

Focusing on translation accuracy, sensitivity to subject, difficult languages to source, multilingual translation for international subjects, & flexible workflows for special projects.

Dubbing for Animation & Cartoons

Animated features, kids' shows & cartoons require different performances. Our dubbing actors specialized in animation bring your shows to life for an international audience.

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Over 25 years of high-quality broadcast dubbing, delivered on time, on scope & on spec.

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