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Why Video Content is More Important Than Ever?

In today’s fast-paced world, people want all the information presented efficiently and succinctly. Written articles tend to gravitate towards bite-sized pieces of information, with many consumers tossing out written articles altogether in favor of video media. One need only look to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites to confirm this trend. According to Cisco, online videos will make up a grand total of over 80% of all IP internet traffic by the year 2020, which isn’t all that surprising.

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The Growth of Video Content

To help sum this up, we need only point out that Facebook users regularly watch 100 million hours of videos per day and YouTube users manage to power through over 500 million hours of video in the same time span. Put into perspective, that’s enough video content to keep you continuously glued to your screen for a little over 57 thousand years without pause.


It’s telling that 14% of marketers have used video media in their posts, with a staggering 50% planning to do so in the future. It’s also worth noting that 85% of videos on Facebook are watched without sound as users browse their news feed, with more than 50% of overall videos being watched on mobile. All of these users being tapped into video media on a regular basis means that video localization will allow you to tap into international markets and an unprecedented number of consumers without breaking a sweat.

Why Focus on Video Content

People nowadays overwhelmingly seem to prefer video content because it’s easy to ingest and can be watched in the background while they go about their day. In a time when even written articles are becoming ever shorter, with videos being the preferred source for learning about the world around us, we absolutely recommend considering how important video content can be to you and your business. Even more importantly, video allows you to capture the attention of visual and auditory learners alike, with studies showing that information conveyed with the use of text and imagery together can improve consumer recall by up to 65%, according to research, which is certainly worth noting.

Localizing Marketing Video Content


This being the case, it’s clear why video dubbing is more important than ever before and Facebook’s statistics, revealing that consumers don’t even need sound to enjoy their videos to a ridiculous degree, prove that subtitling can be an incredible benefit, even for native speakers of a particular language.

YouTube has capitalized on this global shift towards consuming primarily video content by making themselves available to people speaking over 80 languages and they have plans to keep improving this service to include many more in the future.those who focus on adding subtitles and other localization practices to their videos will see impressive growth. For example, it’s been confirmed by the Aberdeen Group that companies who pay attention to videos with regard to their marketing campaigns can expect to grow around 49% faster than their competitors on average.


What's Next?

In short, if you hope to make more meaningful connections with your customers and reach new ones, video content is absolutely worthwhile. Furthermore, including localization in your video production strategy, by adding subtitles or dubbing, will only benefit you in the long run and is most definitely worth any time and effort you put in. If you feel lost in this process or you're not sure where to start, contact JBI Studios and we will help you achieve your goals.

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