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Voice-Over, Dubbing & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

Accurate quoting is critical to the success of any voice-over, dubbing or video localization production. It avoids last-minute additions to the budget and delays in the timeline. But it's also necessary to ensure a cost-effective and streamlined workflow  and a high-quality production. Not sure what you need for a thorough quote?

This post provides JBI Studios' Voice-Over, Dubbing & Video Localization Quote Checklist, with all the information you need for a quote in one easy-to-use table.

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The factors in voice-over & dubbing costs

Multimedia localization costs are generally based on three factors. First, the actual labor involved. High-quality, professional production requires a supervising project manager, studio director, sound engineer and QA editor – as well as the voice-over or dubbing talent, of course. Moreover, the director, talent and QA editor must also be native speakers of the language being recorded. Second, they're based on the equipment used remember that professional post-production requires specialized sound gear and editing systems. Finally, the costs are tied to market considerations, like the number of speakers of a given language, or how the media is being used.

How can a checklist help audio & video localization quoting?

Aside from the general factors that affect costs, each project has its own specific needs. For example, the type of dubbing requested (everything from off-screen narration to lip-sync) will affect the budget significantly. So does the deliverable, whether just a voice track or a fully-integrated video. Finally, projects can have specific requests  like delivering alternate takes or executing customized post-production – that can impact the budget and timeline.


This is why a checklist is so useful to streamlining your quoting process and ensuring the accuracy and quality of your final productions. As an added bonus, it can also help you skip most (if not all) of the questions and back-and-forth that can happen during the audio & video localization quoting process.

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