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Glossary of Captioning & Subtitling Terms (Free PDF)

Captioning & subtitling for corporate, e-Learning and entertainment content has never been more streamlined or cost-effective. In fact, it takes work to keep up with the constant improvements in functionality and language support, even for seasoned studio professionals. But it's still critical to have a working knowledge of this technology to keep multimedia localization projects on time and on budget and we can help with the terminology.

This post provides JBI Studios' Glossary of Captioning & Subtitling Terms, an invaluable tool for video accessibility and localization projects.

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Why is captioning & subtitling terminology so difficult?

For two main reasons. First, both processes – and video localization production in general are highly technical and require a deep knowledge of film and video production standards, as well as computer coding and linguistic best practices. Second, captioning and subtitling were developed over 80 years apart – subtitling during the early days of cinema, and captioning during the 70's as a way to make broadcast TV accessible to the deaf and hard-of-hearing. It's only recently, with the advent of online video streaming, that the two services have converged. While this has revolutionized both captioning and subtitling, it's also created some confusion over terminology and workflow.


Which of course means that a working knowledge of these terms is more important than ever to pick the right service, the right delivery option and the right technical specifications for your captions or subtitles. And remember, this is true for all multimedia localization, including voice-over and dubbing – precise communication is critical to quoting and delivering projects on time, on scope and on budget.

Download JBI Studios' Glossary of Captioning & Subtitling Terms today! 

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Click to download JBI Studio's Glossary of Captioning & Subtitling Terms.

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