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E-Learning Localization: Articulate Storyline 360 Debuts Media Library

Articulate Storyline is a powerful course development tool and a fixture of e-Learning localization. However, up to now it’s been missing a key feature to aid course translation – a media library. That all changed last month, as Articulate released a library feature in its Storyline 360 update.

This post will review the new library feature in Articulate Storyline 360, and explain why it’s an exciting development for multimedia localization.

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Topics: e-Learning

4 Tips for Recording Document Accessibility Voice-Over Audio

Voice-over is a critical part of document accessibility services, on everything from notifications to health care program guidebooks. As accessibility requirements increase for non-English speakers in the US, this service is also becoming more multilingual. So what do producers and multimedia localization professionals need to do to record this audio successfully?

This post lists the 4 tips you must know to produce document accessibility voice-over recordings.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio

4 Tips for Burning Captions & Subtitling to Video

Burned-in captions and subtitling are a commonly-requested video localization option, despite the fact that we’re living in the age of SRT and WebVTT sidecar files. Why? Because burning in allows more control of the text that appears on screen, which is critical for some content. For this reason, producers and multimedia localization professionals must know how to produce high-quality burned-in video deliverables.

This post lists 4 tips you must keep in mind when burning captions and subtitles to picture.

[Average read time: 3 minutes]

Topics: Subtitles & Captions Video Translation

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