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The Top Voice-Over, Dubbing, Subtitling & E-Learning Posts of 2018

2018 is almost over, so it's time to look at the greatest hits of the year on the JBI Studios Blog – the most-read posts about voice-over, dubbing, subtitling and e-Learning localization. Our readers flocked to our analyses of new media challenges, as well as to our how-to's on the basics of multimedia localization production. And in all, the list reflects the rapid industry growth of the past year.

Here they are  the 5 most-read posts of 2018 on the JBI Studios Blog.

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Topics: e-Learning Voice-over & Audio Subtitles & Captions Translation & Localization Video Translation

What You Must Know for Documentary Dubbing & Subtitling Localization

We’re living in a golden age of documentaries. Inexpensive digital cameras and editing systems have led to a rise in diverse, extraordinary documentary storytelling. And of course, dubbing and subtitling localization requests have followed suit. It’s critical that producers and multimedia localization professionals understand this content to localize it cost-effectively – and engage their international audiences.

This post lists what you must know to dub and subtitle documentaries.

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What You Must Know About Voice-Over & Video Localization for Podcasts

You probably listen to them while commuting, working out or washing the dishes. You may even “binge” them, or devour new episodes the minute they drop. Of course, we’re talking about podcasts, which have experienced a huge boom in the last few years – and are quickly becoming a common request for voice-over & video localization. What do you need to know to produce high-quality localized podcasts?

This post details what producers and multimedia localization professionals must know for podcast localization.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Translation & Localization

Subtitling & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

Captioning and subtitling workflows have strict processes and technical specifications for integration. Minor issues during setup, in fact, can lead to caption and subtitle tracks that don't display properly – or don't appear at all. That means that thorough project scoping is critical to the success of video localization and accessibility projects. Not sure what information you need to get an accurate quote?

This post provides JBI Studios' Subtitling, Captioning & Video Localization Quote Checklist, an easy-to-use table with the information you need to quote your projects properly.

[Average read time: 3 minutes]

Topics: Subtitles & Captions Translation & Localization Video Translation

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