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Why Script Timing Is Crucial for Marketing Spot Voice-Over & Dubbing

Script editing for timing is an essential part of all voice-over and dubbing video localization projects – but on radio, TV and online marketing spot productions it’s absolutely critical. Why? Because the particulars of marketing localization mean that text expansion can seriously impact project budgets, timelines and quality. Multimedia localization and marketing producers must understand script editing for timing to ensure the success of their multilingual spots.

This post lists the four reasons this service is critical to marketing voice-over, video localization and transcreation.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Transcreation

3 Tips for Captioning & Subtitling Languages with Accented Characters

Diacritic marks – often called accents – are a feature of languages as diverse as Korean, Hindi, Thai and French. Despite their prevalence, however, they can pose challenges for captioning and subtitling projects. So what do multimedia localization professionals need to know to avoid issues with accented characters in their burned-in and text subtitle deliveries?

This post will list three tips to help you when captioning & subtitling languages with accented characters.

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Topics: Subtitles & Captions

The 3 Elements of Marketing Transcreation Voice-Over & Video Production

Transcreation is the key to great multilingual marketing spots. Why? Because this service creates content specifically for each locale, maximizing the engagement of your international audience through expert copywriting, voice-over, dubbing, titles replacement, conceptual re-design and video production. And of course, it's tricky to get right. So what do marketing and multimedia localization professionals need to know to ensure successful transcreation projects?

This post lists the 3 basics elements you must know for cost-effective and timeline-sensitive transcreation.

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Topics: Transcreation Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization Video Translation

Voice-Over, Dubbing & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

Accurate quoting is critical to the success of any voice-over, dubbing or video localization production. It avoids last-minute additions to the budget and delays in the timeline. But it's also necessary to ensure a cost-effective and streamlined workflow  and a high-quality production. Not sure what you need for a thorough quote?

This post provides JBI Studios' Voice-Over, Dubbing & Video Localization Quote Checklist, with all the information you need for a quote in one easy-to-use table.

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Topics: Subtitles & Captions Video Translation Translation & Localization

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