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3 Steps You Can Take to Avoid Voice-Over & Dubbing Pick-Ups

Pick-ups almost always mean trouble for voice-over, dubbing and video localization projects. For starters, they add unexpectedly to budgets, particularly on internationalization drives with multiple target languages. More critically, though, they lengthen timelines, often delaying a product or service launch, or even a commercial spot’s air-date. Fortunately, it’s possible to minimize them – and even to avoid them altogether.

This post lists the 3 steps multimedia localization professionals and producers can take to avoid pick-up sessions.

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3 Tips for Voice-Over Talent Reuse in Video Game Localization

Maximizing talent reuse is critical to cost-effective video game voice-over localization. Why? Because games often have hundreds of distinct characters, many of which have just a few lines, so that talent reuse can be relatively heavy while still maintaining a high level of quality. What can video game producers and multimedia localization professionals do to ensure the most effective talent reuse?

This post lists 3 tips to maximize voice-over talent reuse in your video game localization.

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3 Essential Tips for Voice-Over Dubbing Animated Content for Kids

Animated content for kids – including feature films, TV shows and web series – has seen a surge in dubbing requests. Digital technology has made animation more streamlined and cost-effective, and online streaming has made distribution much more rapid and far-reaching. So what do multimedia localization providers need to know to localize this content?

This post lists 3 tips that every video localization professional must know to dub kids’ animated shows.

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Glossary of Captioning & Subtitling Terms (Free PDF)

Captioning & subtitling for corporate, e-Learning and entertainment content has never been more streamlined or cost-effective. In fact, it takes work to keep up with the constant improvements in functionality and language support, even for seasoned studio professionals. But it's still critical to have a working knowledge of this technology to keep multimedia localization projects on time and on budget and we can help with the terminology.

This post provides JBI Studios' Glossary of Captioning & Subtitling Terms, an invaluable tool for video accessibility and localization projects.

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4 Tips to Avoid Text Corruption When Subtitling Right-to-Left Languages

Text-based formats like SRT and WebVTT have revolutionized subtitling and captioning, making the process more adaptable, streamlined and cost-effective, especially for multilingual releases. Right-to-left languages, including Arabic, Farsi, Urdu and Hebrew have been no exception. That said, these languages still require special attention to avoid issues in text-based deliverables.

This post lists the 4 tips multimedia localization professionals must know to ensure the integrity of their right-to-left subtitling projects.

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Topics: Subtitles & Captions Translation & Localization Video Translation

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