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5 Tips for Subtitling Foreign-Language Video Footage for Editors

Multilingual footage – including field interviews and B-roll – can be a huge challenge for editors if they don’t know the languages spoken. Fortunately, subtitling is a cost-effective and rapid solution to this problem. The workflow for footage subtitles requires a few small adjustments from the standard process – and of course, it’s critical to know what they are for project success.

This post will list five tips that multimedia localization professionals and producers must know to subtitle footage for editors.

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Topics: Subtitles & Captions Translation & Localization Video Translation

5 Tips for Recording Custom Voice-Over & Dubbing Casting Auditions

Most voice-over and dubbing projects are cast from pre-recorded talent samples. But marketing videos, brand collateral, TV/web series and other kinds of content can have very specific casting requirements, so that they benefit from custom auditions. Because these audition samples require a significant amount of effort, however, it’s critical for multimedia localization professionals to know how to maximize their value – and get them right.

This post will list five tips to ensure your custom voice-over casting auditions are cost-effective and successful.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Video Translation

5 Quick Tips for Multilingual Video Production & Localization

Video is critical to any organization’s communications strategy. And for companies with international audiences or employees, so is video localization – in particular multilingual video production. With the advent of digital video, this localization and transcreation option has become increasingly cost-effective and streamlined. But it still requires rigorous preparation for projects to succeed.

This post lists the five tips multimedia localization professionals must know to produce cost-effective multilingual video suites.

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Topics: Translation & Localization Video Translation

3 Pre-Booking Scenarios in Foreign-Language Voice-Over & Dubbing

Pre-booking foreign-language voice-over and dubbing sessions is a cost-effective way to shorten timelines and optimize talent availability. But this option also has significant drawbacks. Therefore, it’s critical for multimedia localization professionals to know when it can really have an impact on a project, with a minimum of risk.

This post will list three instances when pre-booking can be a great option for audio & video localization.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Video Translation

What is Script Editing for Timing? Why Is It Critical for Dubbing?

Script editing for timing is perhaps the single most critical element for ensuring the success of a video dubbing project. But it’s also one of the least understood parts of the video localization process – and this can lead to problems in the recording studio, as well as pick-ups. What do multimedia localization professionals need to know about script editing for timing to ensure project success? Start here.

This post will explain what script editing for timing is, and why it’s a critical part of the voice-over dubbing workflow.

[Average read time: 3 minutes]

Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing

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