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4 Critical Tips to Record Voice-Over & Dubbing in English for India

Producing voice-over and dubbing into English for India is a crucial part of the communications strategy for many organizations. Why? Because it’s a cost-effective way to increase in-country product reach and employee engagement. India is growing rapidly as a market and business locale – and multimedia localization professionals must know how to reach its English-speaking audience.

This post will list the four tips you must know to record voice-over and dubbing into English for India.

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What You Must Know to Record Voice-Over for Online Commercial Spots

Voice-over localization requests for commercial spots have increased for one simple reason – the internet. As content keeps moving online, marketing materials are following. And because the internet favors language customization, this has led to increased internationalization and transcreation. What can multimedia localization professionals do to prepare for these kinds of projects? Start here.

This post will list 3 essential tips for recording foreign-language voice-over for online commercial spots.

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4 Video Localization Cost-Factors for On-Screen Titles Replacement

On-screen titles (OST) replacement is often the most labor-intensive element of a video localization project. So much so, in fact, that for some projects this one element ends up being the main cost driver. For this reason, it’s critical that multimedia localization professionals have a sense of whether or not their video will require labor-intensive OST localization.

This post will list four factors that affect on-screen title replacement costs.

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How to Get Running Times from Multiple Files for Video Localization

Accurate running times are critical to quoting video localization projects, whether dubbing or subtitling. But for larger suites of video files, this task can be daunting – and incredibly time-consuming. Fortunately, there’s a hack that lets you get running times from multiple video files quickly and accurately. If you’re a multimedia localization professional, this should save you time and headaches.

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