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3 Essential Qualities of an Accented English Voice-Over Talent

Requests for accented English voice-over recordings are increasing. Why? Because there are millions of second-language English speakers around the world – including in the United States. Naturally, multimedia productions have to reflect that diversity, as well as reach out to these demographics. Now, more than ever, it’s necessary to understand the qualities that are essential in an accented English voice talent.

This post will list what multimedia localization professionals must look for when casting non-native English-language talents.

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3 Tips for e-Learning Localization in Proprietary Course Formats

Off-the-shelf software like Adobe Captivate and Articulate Storyline has been critical to the surge in e-Learning localization in the past decade. But a lot of older courses were created using proprietary software or developer platforms that don’t have the same level of translation support – and some courses many have even been coded “by hand.” As you can imagine, they present particularly tricky challenges to e-Learning localization. So what are multimedia project managers to do when they get one?

Start with this post, which lists three tips for localizing e-Learning courses created in proprietary programs.

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3 Ways to Lower Voice-Over & Dubbing Pick-Up Session Costs

Pick-ups are the bane of multilingual voice-over recording projects. But content can require updates after recording, clients can make script changes, and in-country managers can ask for tweaks. In short, sometimes there’s just no way to avoid a pick-up session. Fortunately, there are a couple things you can do to minimize their cost and disruption to a project’s timeline.

This post will list 3 tips that may save you time and money the next time you have pick-ups.

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3 Indispensable Skills of a Corporate & E-Learning Voice-Over Talent

Every great voice-over talent has an unmistakable quality – and certain je ne sais quoi, if you will. But for corporate and e-Learning audio recordings, they also need a specific set of skills that are more tangible, and honed through years of experience. These skills are critical to ensuring accuracy, proper post-production, timely deliveries – and of course, high-quality audio.

This post will list the 3 skills that great corporate and e-Learning voice talents must have.

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