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How the Linguistic History of Spain Affects Multimedia Localization

If you’ve been following the recent events in Catalonia, you’ve seen the way that language defines how people – and political movements – see themselves within the larger country of Spain. Three languages (including Catalan) have co-official regional status in the country, and together are spoken by close to one third of the population. It’s crucial to understand the linguistic history and make-up of Spain to provide voice-over and multimedia localization to this locale – but it’s also necessary just to understand the current events in the sixth largest country in Europe.

This post will provide a brief linguistic history of Spain and discuss how it affects foreign-language multimedia.

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4 Tips for a Cost-Effective Multimedia Localization Strategy

It’s autumn once again, a time when businesses – everyone from Fortune 500 corporations to boutique marketing agencies – plan out their localization strategies for the coming year. That means budgeting multimedia localization and accessibility, including voice-over recording, video dubbing, subtitling, captioning, and a host of other services. As a localization manager, how do you create a strategy for all this content – let alone a cost-effective budget?

The four tips that follow should help.

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4 Video Localization Tips for Great Corporate Year-End Messages

Corporate year-end video messages – in which a company’s CEO or other high-ranking official discusses a year’s accomplishments and the organization’s plans going forward – establish rapport with employees, and give large organizations direction and vision. They also have to be accessible to large, multilingual workforces – and that of course requires video localization, in particular dubbing and subtitling. But what else can you do to make sure your video reaches out to every single one of your employees?

This post will list 4 tips for great localized corporate year-end-videos.

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Why Multilingual LA Is Perfect for the Olympics (& Voice-Over Too!)

Los Angeles is so ready for the Olympics. Yes, the Games won’t be until 2028, and there are several logistical obstacles to overcome before then. But LA is in a position to be a great host city, in part because of its demographic make-up. In particular, the incredible linguistic diversity of the city and its surrounding county – which makes it a great place to record multilingual voice-over – will be a huge plus when it comes to putting on a global event.

This post will look at how Los Angeles’ multilingual population will be a huge asset to the 2028 Olympic Games.

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4 Tips to Ensure Successful Localized Green-Screen Video Productions

Green-screen video is used in promos, educational multimedia, corporate announcements, customer-facing how-to’s, marketing collateral – and in just about all kinds of online digital media. The costs of green-screen shooting and post-production have gone down dramatically over the last 20 years, and this has been one of the factors in the dominance of video on the web. As companies expand worldwide, international audiences are clamoring for this content as well – which means that the transcreation of green-screen videos, and multilingual soundstage shoots, must be a part of any organization’s multimedia localization strategy.

This post lists 4 tips to ensure your localized green-screen video shoots are successful – i.e., that they’re done on time and on budget.

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