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How to Record Multilingual Voice-Over Sets for Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is a key component of the next generation of technology, from virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to the home and mobile assistants that people use every day. And the surge in voice recognition has required creating large sets of voice-over audio recordings, which are used to “teach” systems to recognize speech. As voice recognition support in foreign languages has surged, so has the need for multilingual audio sets – and naturally, developers are turning to audio & video localization professionals to create them.

This post will list what you need to know to record the foreign-language audio sets used to calibrate voice recognition systems.

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4 Times In-Studio Interpretation Is a Great Voice-Over Option

In-studio interpretation is an incredibly rapid voice-over solution, and a great choice when you need large amounts of video content localized for worldwide distribution on a limited budget. But how do you know for sure whether it’ll be the right fit for your project? First, by going to a trusted multimedia localization provider like JBI Studios. And second  by checking out this blog post.

This post will list the four types of video for which in-studio interpretation is a great fit.

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How to Use Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voice-Over for Document Accessibility

Document accessibility is one of the more common uses for text-to-speech voice-over. Why? Because TTS is a great tool for producing large amounts of voice audio in a short amount of time. But it’s also a relatively new tool, one that comes with a unique set of challenges  in particular for multimedia localization projects.

This post details what you must know to make documents accessible in multiple languages using text-to-speech.

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What You Must Know about Voice-Over & Audio Files for Localization

There are literally hundreds of digital file formats that support voice-over, music and other kinds of audio recordings – everything from AAC to ZVD. They all have different feature sets, and work with different software. The sheer number of distinct file extensions is mind-boggling. So how can multimedia localization professionals navigate through all of the different formats? Start here.

This post will list what you need to know about audio file formats for voice-over and audio localization.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

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