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5 Tips for Casting Your Brand Voice-Over Talent – in Another Language

Your brand’s voice – the voice-over talent used in your online marketing videos, TV & radio spots, even your phone prompts – is a key part of your business strategy. When your customers hear that voice, they know it’s you. But now, you’re ready to go into markets outside the US. How do you get talents that do the same thing for your brand – in multiple languages?

This post lists 5 tips to help you cast your brand’s voice in foreign markets.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

5 Voice-Over Localization Terms that Trip Up Newbies (& Experts Too!)

We’re not ashamed to say it – voice-over localization is tricky, even for veteran studio professionals. Voice recording and video dubbing are both highly-specialized skills, with terminology that can be challenging, and which shifts as new new technology comes online. As an audio & video professional, what can you do?

Start by reading this post – it lists the 5 terms that trip up both newbies & experts on a regular basis.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization Video Translation

What Gamification Means for E-Learning & Voice-Over Localization

Gamification has been a buzzword in the e-Learning industry for a few years. But it’s more than that – the concept is now a critical part of course development, one that drives what new features software companies like Articulate and Adobe roll out. And of course, it affects e-Learning localization and voice-over services – and quite significantly.

This post will look at what gamification means for localized e-Learning & foreign-language audio recording.

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Topics: e-Learning Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

4 Dubbing & Voice-Over Text Expansion Killers You Must Avoid

Text expansion is one of the great challenges to translation & localization in general and an issue for dubbing & video voice-over. In the audio recording booth, text expansion that’s not addressed properly can make recording sessions go overtime, and even lead to pick-ups. Fortunately, there are a few sources of text expansion that can be detected relatively easily.

This post will list four sources of text expansion that you must spot – and avoid.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Translation & Localization

What the KPMG/Google India Study Means for Multimedia Localization

KPMG India and Google recently released a report detailing online language use in India. It has a few interesting insights into internet engagement and adoption in English and Indian native languages, with major implications for audio & video localization. Anyone looking to translate, localize or transcreate for India will be elated by this report – and challenged as well.

This post will list the report's three main takeaways for multimedia localization.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization Video Translation

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