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Persian, Farsi or Dari? How to navigate voice-over in these languages

We get a lot of voice-over services questions from clients regarding these three languages – specifically, what’s the difference between Persian, Farsi and Dari? How are they different, if at all? And, into which language should I localize and record my audio or video?

This blog post will explain the difference between these 3 language names, where the confusion comes from, and what you need to know to record.

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A Handy Guide to Video Translation Voice-Over Options

One of the trickier parts of video translation and dubbing is choosing the appropriate foreign-language voice-over option. We’ve had clients tell us that this decision is particularly difficult since it affects budgets and timelines, and is not one that can be fixed easily in post-production. So in today’s post, we’re going to try to make this part of the process a little easier, by creating a short, easy-to-use guide for video localization options.

This post will list the four video translation voiceover options, as well as give tips about each one.

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Topics: Dubbing Translation & Localization Video Translation

What are continuity lists? Do they help with subtitling? (Yes!)

They’re known by many different names – the “Continuity List;” the “Combined Continuity, Dialogue and Spotting List;” the “Combined Continuity and Spotting List;” or just simply the “List.” They’re primarily a legal document used to establish the copyright of a film or TV show. But continuity lists can also be more than that – in particular, they’re a very useful tool for captioning and subtitling translation.

This blog post will explain what a continuity list is exactly, and how to leverage it for your subtitles localization project.

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Topics: Subtitles & Captions Translation & Localization Video Translation

How to Avoid Gender Mismatches in Translated Voice-Over

Linguistic gender mismatches are a very common issue for foreign-language voice-over recordings. They cause confusion, delays in the studio, and sometimes they even cause pick-up re-recordings. While they’re one of the more common problems to all of translation and localization, they’re especially tricky to deal with in the audio recording studio. But it’s crucial to eliminate mismatches to ensure a multimedia localization project’s success.

This post will explain gender mismatches in translation, and how to avoid them in audio production.

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How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Voice-Over Pronunciation Issues

What’s the number one cause of problems for foreign-language voice-over projects? If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that it’s pronunciation errors. Why? Because just one mistake in your final audio – on anything from a name or address, website, phone number, or even brand name – can require a pick-up recording, and pick-ups delay product releases and over-extend budgets. So what can you do? For starters, avoid the three most common pronunciation errors.

This post will list the 3 common pronunciation errors that localization professionals must avoid – and provide tips for how to do exactly that.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

3 Exciting Online Multimedia Localization Insights from Digital Summit

Digital Summit LA 2017 was an exciting two days of all things digital online marketing – SEO, data analytics, content personalization, and online branding. And yes, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was there as a keynote speaker. But #DSUM also had some exciting news for online marketing multimedia localization – as the conference went on, it became clear to us just how much online marketing will change video translation in particular.

This post will look at the three key translation & localization takeaways from Digital Summit LA 2017.

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3 Tips for Casting Video Game Voice-Over Recordings

One of the hardest parts of video game voice-over production is casting – assigning which voiceover talents will play which characters. How hard is it? Imagine having a game with 550 characters. Each one of these characters has a distinct personality and very specific voice requirements. Your budget allows for 60 VO talents – believe it or not, this is actually pretty good for a video game. How do you even start casting? How do you make sure that you don’t miscast a talent – and end up having to recast? If this process seems daunting, that’s because it often can be. But there are ways to make it more manageable.

This post will give you the 3 tips essential to a successful casting of localized video game voice over recordings.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

3 Tips for Better Text-Based Online Captions & Subtitles

Text-based files are now the most common deliverable for captioning and subtitling video translation. There’s one simple reason for this: online video streaming platforms. As more content has moved online – including TV shows, movies, marketing spots, and e-Learning and instructional videos – the subtitle deliverables have followed suit. Today, a working knowledge of text-based subtitling formats is a must for multimedia localization professionals.

This post will list 3 tips that will make your text-based subtitles more functional and more legible.

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Topics: Subtitles & Captions Translation & Localization Video Translation

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