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3 Tips to Deal with Voice-Over Expansion in Video Translation

One of the biggest issues in video translation – and voice-over in general – is text expansion. It occurs in almost every language, and editing a translation for fit can require making changes that affect its meaning slightly. For videos with large amounts of complex content (like e-Learning or instructional modules), dealing with text expansion can be quite difficult.

This post will list 3 tips to help you deal with text expansion in a video localization project.

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Video Translation 101: The 3 Ways to Localize On-screen Titles

As we’ve noted before, on-screen titles (OST) are often the most difficult part of a video translation project. Replacing them is labor-intensive, and relies on having complete editing source files, which are sometimes difficult to get – especially for older projects. That said, localizing OST is crucial to having a fully-translated foreign-language video that engages a local audience.

This blog post will list the three ways that on-screen titles can be replaced in a video translation project.

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4 Tips for Recording Actions in Video Game Voice-Over Translation

One of the hardest parts of video game voice-over is recording the action lines, also known as just the “actions.” What are the actions? They are the sounds that a character makes whenever he or she does something that requires effort, like striking an opponent, receiving a blow, summoning the elements, gaining magical powers – or anything else that the video game developers can come up with. Since they are non-verbal grunts, exhalations, screams, or an assortment of other bodily noises, it’s very tricky to get them right during video game localization.

This post will list four tips that will help you localize and record the action lines successfully.

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Does Storyline 360 Upgrade Any E-Learning Translation Features?

Recently, Articulate launched its Articulate 360 course development suite, a subscriptions-only software package that includes its signature programs, Storyline and Replay, as well as a new set of content authoring tools. We’ve been asked whether or not this will have an effect on e-Learning translation, especially since the Storyline 360 site highlights its right-to-left support.

This post will look at the localization capabilities of Storyline 360, especially as compared to Storyline 2.

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Video Translation 101: 4 Qualities of a Great Lip-Sync Dubbing Talent

Lip-sync dubbing is the most labor-intensive kind of video translation. It requires hours of work from a lip-sync script editor, a studio engineer, a voice-over director, a QA reviewer – and of course, from lip-sync dubbing talents. These voice-over actors are rare, possessing a specific intersection of skills that makes their work in the studio seem almost miraculous.

This post will list the four qualities that make a great foreign-language lip-sync dubbing talent.

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4 Qualities of a Good In-House Voice-Over & Video Translation Reviewer

Although JBI Studios provides a quality assurance step for all of its voice-over and video translation projects, we still recommend that everyone have an in-house expert or an in-country native speaker review all multimedia deliverables. Why? Because someone from inside an organization, or working in the target locale, will have valuable insights into how the audio or video content should represent a company, and how it will interact with employees and existing or potential customers.

This post will list the four key traits that an in-house reviewer should possess to add value to a localization project.

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4 Tips You Must Know to Record Project-Specific Voice-Over Samples

JBI Studios provides pre-recorded corporate talent samples free-of-charge for every project – but for some foreign-language voice-over translation work, this isn’t enough. Productions that require acting, or a very specific kind of voice work – think TV commercials, online marketing videos, movie dubbing, or radio spots – also require project-specific samples.

This post will provide you with the four crucial tips to recording project-specific casting samples that will be useful to your localization clients.

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