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What does "native" mean for audio & video translation?

 One of JBI’s guarantees is that your audio or video translation project will be recorded with native, professional voice-over talents. That’s the standard for high-quality foreign-language recordings. But what does this mean? Who, exactly, is a native speaker? More importantly, how do you ensure that your voice-over talents are native?

In this blog we’ll demystify this term, and look at what it takes to certify that talents are native-speakers.

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e-Learning Localization: 4 Tips to Cut Storyline & Captivate Audio Costs

Audio is essential to making e-Learning courses engaging, especially when it narrates or counterpoints on-screen animations and text. However, it adds cost and time to any e-Learning localization effort. Aside from the studio and voice-over (talent, director, QA, engineer), e-Learning translation projects add one more cost – integrating the audio into the Storyline or Captivate timelines. This step can be extremely labor-intensive, and a strain on localization budgets.

In this blog we’ll look at 4 ways that e-Learning course developers can lower their audio translation costs.

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Topics: e-Learning Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

How to "Picturize" Content for Video Translation

"Picturizing" is a cost-effective video translation solution. The process replaces a video stream with just enough still images to convey the content. This image sequence can then be voiced in foreign languages without any timing or lip-syncing, lowering audio recording costs and increasing translation accuracy.

In this blog, we'll discuss the process, advantages and drawbacks of picturizing a video.

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8 Audio, Video & Subtitles Translation Terms You Should Know

Audio & video localization are a key part of your content strategy

Audio and video translation are essential in client and employee communications, whether to disseminate important workplace information, or to sell your new products. As markets become more globalized, it’s imperative to be prepared to localize your multimedia content.

Following are eight terms you should know before jumping into audio, video & subtitles translation.

Topics: Voice-over & Audio Subtitles & Captions Translation & Localization Video Translation

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