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e-Learning Localization: How to Add Variables Subtitles to Storyline

Subtitles are a cost-effective translation solution, but they're very tricky and time-consuming to implement for e-Learning localization. One of our editors, however, passed on a great way to create subtitles in Storyline by using a combination of variables fields, cue points and triggers. While it requires a lot of work and expertise in Storyline, it could be a cost-effective translation solution for courses that are going into multiple languages.

Read on for a brief tutorial!

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Adobe Discontinues Flash: What It Means for e-Learning Localization

On Monday December 30, 2015, Adobe announced that it would discontinue Flash, its flagship web animation program (and the bane of e-Learning localization) starting in 2016.

From Adobe's website:

So today we are announcing Animate CC, previously Flash Professional CC, which will be Adobe’s premier web animation tool for developing HTML5 content while continuing to support the creation of Flash content.

Today we'll look back at the issues localizing Flash content, and what Adobe's news means for clients who have legacy Flash content to be translated.

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How moving to online platforms will affect video translation

To start off 2016, we’ll look at how content migration to online platforms will affect video translation, specifically voice-over and subtitles.

In his recent talk at CES, Robert Kyncl declared that "digital video will win the decade." Currently, he says, people in the US spend an average of 1.25 hours watching online video per day, growing 25% year on year. Mr. Kyncl believes online video viewing will grow exponentially, to be the “single largest way people spend their free time by the end of the decade, other than sleeping and working” (at 8:52). He should know – he’s the Chief Business Officer at YouTube, which is of course owned by Google.

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