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Video Translation: What is Off-screen Voice-over?

A cost-effective voice-over solution for corporate and marketing video narration, instructional demos, and TV spots

Off-screen voice-over is the most cost-effective video translation solution because, as its name indicates, it doesn't require synchronizing to any speakers on-screen. In fact, it's often called off-screen narration, since the voice-over generally narrates or acts as a counterpoint to the image, as in marketing or instructional videos.

This blog post will look at off-screen voice-over, how it's used, and  its advantages and disadvantages.

Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Translation & Localization Video Translation

Preparing the Storyline Player Template for e-Learning Translation

Comprehensive pre-loaded options and editable text labels enable e-Learning localization

The player template is one of the most useful e-Learning translation features of Articulate Storyline.

For course development, Articulate provides comprehensive template options, so that most projects can simply use the pre-set buttons and menus. Its base package comes with translated versions of the templates in 27 languages, including Asian double-byte languages (like Korean and Japanese) and right-to-left languages (Arabic and Hebrew). The software also allows users to customize their templates, output them for translation, and then import them back in.

This post will look at how to edit the player templates (specifically the text components), output them for localization, and integrate them back into a localized Storyline course.

Topics: e-Learning Translation & Localization

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