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Context in Subtitles Video Translation

Subtitles defy conventional video translation

Recently, one of our clients asked us if there is a way around the "subtitles translation problem." If you work in video translation, you've probably encountered this.

Subtitles defy the very idea of translation  to relay a linguistic unit from one language into another, retaining the original semantic meaning (accuracy) while transposing culturally (fluency). For subtitles, translators can't just rely on accuracy and fluency as the metric for a good translation;  they also have to take into account the video context and synchronization.

This post, the first of a two-part series, will look at the problem of video context in subtitles translation, and how to deal with it.

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Software Review: Articulate Storyline 2 for e-Learning Translation

A powerful update to Articulate

Articulate Storyline is an awesome tool for e-Learning translation.

The program is a stand-alone version of Articulate, a suite of robust add-ons to Microsoft Powerpoint which would allow users to turn PPT presentations into animated courses, and then publish them to a web-usable format (mainly HTML with SWF files). Storyline did away with PowerPoint, introducing a new, sleek interface that integrated seamlessly with the animation, quiz and publishing features of Articulate.

This post will look at Articulate Storyline 2, in particular what it does really well for e-Learning translation, what is OK (but workable), and what it could do better.

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8 Tips for Writing Text-to-speech Voice-over Scripts

Text-to-speech scripts require special editing and phonetic spellings

Text-to-speech is everywhere, from for e-Learning voice-over to airport announcements. It’s a cost-effective and quick way to produce voice-over audio – and best of all, the voices are starting to sound really good.

Following are a few tips for creating text-to-speech (TTS) scripts that output well through a voice generator, as well as video samples highlighting each one.

Topics: e-Learning Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

Video Localization 101: What is UN-style Voice-Over?

A cost-effective voice-over solution for documentaries, marketing interviews and corporate content

UN-style is probably the least familiar kind of video translation voice-over.

It's certainly not as well-known as Off-screen Narration or Lip-sync Dubbing (which is so common that poorly synchronized dubbing is a cliché). However, our customers are always pleased with this option because it's cost-effective, allows for very accurate script translations, and is suitable for many kinds of content like documentaries, testimonials, interviews and speeches.

Antonio Villarraigosa speaking at a rally, flanked by John Kerry.

Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Video Translation

e-Learning Translation: Green-screen for Multilingual Video Suites

A powerful -- and cost-effective -- tool for e-Learning translation

This blog will look at the green-screen shooting process, and specifically, why it's a great solution for multilingual video e-Learning translation.

Green-screen technology lowers production costs dramatically. If you want to shoot an instructional scene in a factory, for example, you don’t have to go to an actual factory or build a set. Rather, you shoot the actors in front of a green-screen, maybe wearing hard hats and holding tools, and add the factory background during editing.

Even better, if you know your course is going into multiple languages, you can bring in your foreign-language actors, and shoot the same scenes with them right after you've shot with the English-speaking actors. You already have the costly setups -- the stage, lighting, camera, props, and crew -- so it's cost-effective to add the foreign-language scenes to your day.

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Premium & Rapid Services for Voice-over, Video Translation & Subtitles

Two solutions for multimedia localization projects 

Choosing between premium  and rapid multimedia localization services lets you concentrate on your priorities -- budget, timeline, and quality.

Topics: Voice-over & Audio Subtitles & Captions Video Translation

How to Calculate Word Counts for Audio Translation -- without a Script

A time-saving solution for audio translation project quotes

When quoting an audio translation project, it's crucial to know just how much the voice-over recording will cost. Since voice-over recording for corporate and e-Learning content is priced by the number of words, the best way to calculate this cost is to get the word count from a client's script, either through the Word tool or translation analysis.

But what do you do when your client sends you a folder full of audio files -- and no script?

Topics: Voice-over & Audio Video Translation

e-Learning Audio Translation for Health Care and Pharma Content

Accurate voice-over, text-to-speech and full e-Learning integration

The rollout of the Affordable Care Act is creating a large amount of content that must be made available to the hearing impaired, and to various native-speaking communities around the United States – all in a very short amount of time.

Topics: e-Learning Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

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