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New Technologies Increase e-Learning Accessibility

Text-to-speech (TTS) for the blind and sight-impaired, closed captions for the deaf, and foreign-language options -- all to increase e-Learning accessibility

As more companies rely on e-Learning to meet training, regulatory, and legal requirements, they also have to make sure that their courses reach their whole audience, including employees and customers with disabilities, and non-English speakers.

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Text Expansion in Foreign-language Voice-over

What is text expansion?

Languages require different numbers of words and syllables to express the same idea. For example, simple phrases can be much shorter or longer in different languages:

Voice-Over with Facial Motion Capture for e-Learning

Cost-effective solution for e-Learning animation

Blog originally published on July 5, 2013.

Recently, JBI Studios was approached by Rob Coker, the Multimedia Project Manager for the Americas at CEB, a leading talent management company. JBI records voice-over work for them on a regular basis, but now his Multimedia & Interactive Technologies team needed a cost-effective solution to produce large amounts of animated content.

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Old-Time e-Learning: We Drivers, 1935

Skills training films from the early days of cinema

In the early days of e-Learning (basically, 25 years ago), incorporating video into an online course was nearly impossible – if you remember downloading small documents over a 56K modem, you know that the bandwidth for video just wasn’t available. With the advent higher compression and, ultimately, high-speed bandwidth, e-Learning courses were able to support high-quality videos. Once digital video became affordable, high-definition videos became de rigeur for any off-the-shelf course. While this may seem like a recent high-tech development, it’s actually a return to an established tradition of using cinema as a learning tool.

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In-Studio Interpretation: Quick, Cost-Effective Audio & Video Localization

In-Studio Interpretation is a cost-effective, quick localization solution for video content like webinars, PowerPoint presentations, and e-Learning seminars.

You’re a Sales Team Lead, and you’re about to take over the world.
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Video Translation: Lip-Sync Dubbing for e-Learning & Corporate Content

Corporate and e-Learning video translation requires a different kind of dubbing

Lip-sync dubbing is already a common form of TV show and movie localization. When done well, it can be quite effective at transferring a unique performance to another language, as you can see in the following video:

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Video Game Translation Voice-over for the US Market

Re-creating characters and worlds for English-speaking gamers

During the recent E3 Expo conference, we met with a few of our video game translation clients. While traditionally most of our voice-over work for them has been in foreign languages (for games going from the US into markets worldwide), we are now seeing more work going in the other direction, as games from Japan, Korea and China get localized for the US market.

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