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Marketing Voice-over: Usage & Talent Considerations

Tips for Captioning & Subtitling Your Corporate Video

Voice-over for Learning Programs for Kids

Casting Voice-Over for Commercials

E-learning: A Great Option in the Time of COVID-19 and Beyond

Key Tips for Subtitling in Japanese

Best Practices for Russian Voice-over & Dubbing

Top Benefits of Video Localization

Recording Voice-Over for Voice-Assisted Devices

Subtitling vs Dubbing: What's the Best Choice?

How to Effectively Localize Video Games For Japan

Voice-Over Pitfalls to Avoid

Spain: A Dubbing Country

Tips For Your Child Starting Their Voice-over Career

Voice-over Narration for Documentaries

Seiyuu: the Artists of Japanese Dubbing

The Rise of the Italian Dubbing Industry

Multilingual Voice Assistants

Tips for Localizing E-Learning Content

Why German Dubbing is So Popular

Linguistic Differences Between Japanese and English

Differences Between European French vs Canadian French

The Rise of Voice Assistants and Smart Speakers

The Japanese and Korean Languages: Similarities and Differences

Getting Into the Voice-Over Industry

How to Localize E-Learning Content: China Focus

Key Tips for Doing Commercial Voice-overs

The Difference Between Latin American Spanish and Castilian Spanish (Spain)

Christmas Around the World

The Arabic Language: History and Localization Considerations

Japanese Animation: A Brief History and Tips for Dubbing Anime

What You Need to Know About Language Interpretation

Localization for the Holidays

Why Captioning & Subtitling Increases Video Views

Expand Your Business with Video Marketing & Localization

Tips for Being a Translator and Writing for Translations

Voice Acting Tips & Challenges for Video Games

What to Know When Localizing Animation

Helpful Tips For Korean Localization

Text-To-Speech: The Future is Now

Audiobooks: Narration Tips for a Growing Industry

Tokyo 2020: Tips for Japanese Interpretation

Audio Recording & Post Production Terms You Should Know

Directing Voice Talent: Tips and Best Practices

Taiwanese Mandarin vs Chinese Mandarin: What's the Difference?

How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the Translation Industry

What's the Difference between Chinese Mandarin and Cantonese?

Key Tips for a Successful Dubbing Project

The Difference Between Localization and Translation

Why Does Japanese Use Chinese Characters (Kanji)?

3 Benefits of Working with a Localization Studio

5 Reasons Why Captions and Subtitles are Awesome

Traditional vs. Simplified Characters: A Brief History of Chinese Writing

Deepfakes and the Future of Voice Acting

Top 5 Audio Programs for Recording & Editing Voice-Over

5 Easy Tips to Improve The Audio Mix of Your Localized Videos

Why Video Content is More Important Than Ever?

Current Localization Trends

5 Easy Steps to Guarantee the Success of Your Voice-Over Projects

Basic Process for Video Localization You Should Know

5 Audio Editing Tips to Be Successful

7 Useful Multimedia Localization Tricks

5 Techniques to Improve Your Video Editing Projects

E-Learning Localization: Articulate Storyline 360 Debuts Media Library

4 Tips for Recording Document Accessibility Voice-Over Audio

4 Tips for Burning Captions & Subtitling to Video

4 Tips for Recording Foreign-Language Audiobook Voice-Over

Why Script Format Is Critical to Voice-Over & Dubbing Project Success

What You Must Know to Record Multilingual IVR & Voice-Over Prompts

What 2019 Will Bring for Voice-Over, Dubbing & Subtitling Localization

E-Learning & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

The Top Voice-Over, Dubbing, Subtitling & E-Learning Posts of 2018

What You Must Know for Documentary Dubbing & Subtitling Localization

What You Must Know About Voice-Over & Video Localization for Podcasts

Subtitling & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

Why Script Timing Is Crucial for Marketing Spot Voice-Over & Dubbing

3 Tips for Captioning & Subtitling Languages with Accented Characters

The 3 Elements of Marketing Transcreation Voice-Over & Video Production

Voice-Over, Dubbing & Video Localization Quote Checklist (Free PDF)

3 Steps You Can Take to Avoid Voice-Over & Dubbing Pick-Ups

3 Tips for Voice-Over Talent Reuse in Video Game Localization

3 Essential Tips for Voice-Over Dubbing Animated Content for Kids

Glossary of Captioning & Subtitling Terms (Free PDF)

4 Tips to Avoid Text Corruption When Subtitling Right-to-Left Languages

4 Tips for Voice-Over & Dubbing Quality Assurance (QA) Reviews

4 Tips for Casting Dubbing Talents for UN-Style Voice-Over

Glossary of Voice-Over Localization & Dubbing Terms (Free PDF)

What You Must Know to Work with Kid Voice-Over & Dubbing Talents

5 Tips for Subtitling Foreign-Language Video Footage for Editors

5 Tips for Recording Custom Voice-Over & Dubbing Casting Auditions

5 Quick Tips for Multilingual Video Production & Localization

3 Pre-Booking Scenarios in Foreign-Language Voice-Over & Dubbing

What is Script Editing for Timing? Why Is It Critical for Dubbing?

4 Critical Tips to Record Voice-Over & Dubbing in English for India

What You Must Know to Record Voice-Over for Online Commercial Spots

4 Video Localization Cost-Factors for On-Screen Titles Replacement

How to Get Running Times from Multiple Files for Video Localization

The 3 Pronunciation Mistakes that Cause Most Voice-Over Pick-Ups

What You Must Know for Multi-Language Subtitling Localization

3 Critical Tips for Talent Re-Use in E-Learning Voice-Over & Dubbing

Why Would Anyone Burn Captions or Subtitling to Video? (4 Reasons)

What You Must Know for Call-Ins to Foreign-Language Voice-Over Sessions

How to Record Corporate & E-Learning Voice-Over with Multiple Talents

Isn't Subtitling for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing Just Localized Captions? (No.)

What's the Difference Between SRT & WebVTT in Captioning & Subtitling?

The 4 Video Localization Options for e-Learning Scenarios

What Is Audio Sample Rate? Does It Affect Voice-Over Localization? (Yes!)

4 Tips for Effective Film & TV Dubbing Talent Casting Reviews

4 Cost-Saving Tips for Corporate & e-Learning Video Localization

Storyline 360 Adds Font Substitution for E-Learning Localization

3 Essential Qualities of an Accented English Voice-Over Talent

3 Tips for e-Learning Localization in Proprietary Course Formats

3 Ways to Lower Voice-Over & Dubbing Pick-Up Session Costs

3 Indispensable Skills of a Corporate & E-Learning Voice-Over Talent

What You Need to Know for Captioning & Subtitling in Indian Languages

What You Need to Know for Screen Activity Capture Video Localization

What You Need to Know for Video Dubbing into Korean

What You Need to Know for Captioning & Subtitling in Korean

What You Must Know About Usage for Online Video Voice-Over & Dubbing

What You Need to Know When Subtitling Asian Double-Byte Languages

5 Reasons Text-To-Speech Will Be the Standard for Accessibility Audio

The Challenges of Virtual Reality Video Localization & Accessibility

What 2018 Will Mean for Voice-Over, Dubbing & Subtitling Localization

The Top Audio, Video & Multimedia Localization Trends of 2017

3 Tips for Legible, High-Quality Japanese Subtitling Localization

The Top Voice-Over, Dubbing, Subtitles & E-Learning Posts of 2017

3 Tips to Avoid Corruption Issues in Right-To-Left Voice-Over Scripts

How the Linguistic History of Spain Affects Multimedia Localization

4 Tips for a Cost-Effective Multimedia Localization Strategy

4 Video Localization Tips for Great Corporate Year-End Messages

Why Multilingual LA Is Perfect for the Olympics (& Voice-Over Too!)

4 Tips to Ensure Successful Localized Green-Screen Video Productions

How to Record Multilingual Voice-Over Sets for Voice Recognition

4 Times In-Studio Interpretation Is a Great Voice-Over Option

How to Use Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voice-Over for Document Accessibility

What You Must Know about Voice-Over & Audio Files for Localization

5 Tips for Matching Tone in Foreign-Language Voice-Over

What You Must Know for Brainshark E-Learning & Voice-Over Localization

5 Crucial Tips for Captioning & Subtitling Social Media Videos

4 Tips to Ensure Accurate Localized Life Sciences & Medical Voice-Over

5 Tips for Casting Your Brand Voice-Over Talent – in Another Language

5 Voice-Over Localization Terms that Trip Up Newbies (& Experts Too!)

What Gamification Means for E-Learning & Voice-Over Localization

4 Dubbing & Voice-Over Text Expansion Killers You Must Avoid

What the KPMG/Google India Study Means for Multimedia Localization

4 Crucial Tips to Recording Voice-Over & Dubbing for India

What Are Interactive Videos? Do They Affect Multimedia Localization?

Does Video Localization Really Increase SEO? Yes – Here Are 3 Ways

What Exactly Are Subtitles for the Deaf & Hard-of-Hearing (SDH)?

 3 Voice-Over Translation Takeaways from the Zenith Adspend Forecast

What is transcreation? How is it different from video translation?

3 Attributes of a Great Captions and Subtitles Font

3 Times Dialogue Replacement is a Great Dubbing Voice-Over Option

What does title-safe mean for subtitles & on-screen title translation?

3 times when subtitles background boxes are great for localization

What “neutral” means in a foreign-language voice-over context

5 Tips to Casting Dubbing Voice-Over Talents for E-Learning Scenarios

Moving captions & subtitles to the upper third – what, why & how

Five Basic Steps to Kick-Start Your Voice-Over Acting Career

3 Tips for Lining up Untimed Voice-Over Audio Translations to Video

3 Time-Code Errors that Kill Subtitles Translation Projects

When subtitles and voice-over make a great combo localization option

Subtitles Translation 101: Time-Stamping, Time-Coding & Spotting

What you need to know about dialects for voice-over translation

Adobe Captivate 2017: An E-Learning Translation Review

Persian, Farsi or Dari? How to navigate voice-over in these languages

A Handy Guide to Video Translation Voice-Over Options

What are continuity lists? Do they help with subtitling? (Yes!)

How to Avoid Gender Mismatches in Translated Voice-Over

How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Voice-Over Pronunciation Issues

3 Exciting Online Multimedia Localization Insights from Digital Summit

3 Tips for Casting Video Game Voice-Over Recordings

3 Tips for Better Text-Based Online Captions & Subtitles

The Pros & Cons of Using Hi-Res Files for Subtitles Video Translation

Are Timed & Synchronized Voice-Over Audio Different? (Yes!)

Video Translation 101: 3 Editors’ Tips to Lower On-screen Title Costs

Two New Articulate Review Features for e-Learning Translation QA

6 Questions You Must Ask for Accurate Voice-Over Translation Quotes

Articulate Storyline Now Supports Subtitles for E-Learning Translation

3 Tips for Subtitles Translation into Right-to-Left Languages

Voice-Over or Subtitles? Choose the Right Video Translation Option

To clean or not to clean in voice-over audio translation

What are forced subtitles in video translation?

What you need to know before you record Arabic voice-over

How marketing dollars moving online is affecting video translation

4 Tips for Recording Localized Video Game Voice-Over for the US Market

The Future of Text-to-Speech and What It Means for Voice-Over

What you need to know about toggling for subtitles video translation

Has text-to-speech really improved that much? Listen for yourself.

The 3 Things You Must Know to Record Chinese Voice-Over

3 Pronunciation Musts for Text-to-Speech Voice-Over Recordings

3 Tips for Replacing Graphics Text in e-Learning Translation

Can text-to-speech be used for video translation? (Yes!)

How crucial it is to know each locale for French voice-over?

3 Reasons Native-Speaker Directors are Crucial for Voice-Over Sessions

3 Tips for Recording Transliterated Terms in Japanese Voice-Over

How to Cast the Right Foreign-Language Voice-over Talent for a Project

How to Calculate Word Counts for Video Translation without a Script

The most-read voice-over, subtitles & e-Learning posts of 2016

What to expect in 2017 for voice-over, dubbing & subtitles

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