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Glossary of Voice-Over Localization & Dubbing Terms (Free PDF)

Ever get tripped up by the vast and counter-intuitive terminology of the voice-over localization and video dubbing industry? Don't feel bad. It's tricky even for veteran studio professionals. That said, it's critical to have a working knowledge of it to keep projects on schedule and on budget.

This post provides JBI Studios' Glossary of Voice-Over Localization & Dubbing Terms, an invaluable tool for multimedia localization professionals.

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Why is voice-over and dubbing terminology so difficult?

Three reasons. First, the terminology itself describes complex technical processes, many of which were initially developed decades ago. Second, voice-over and dubbing evolved separately  the former mainly as a radio and music recording technology, and the latter specifically for film. Because of that, their terminologies don't always align. Third, the advent of new technologies has shifted the meaning of many industry terms. For example, while the term dubbing technically refers to any voice-over synchronized to picture, today it's associated mainly with lip-sync.


Despite  this, precise communication is critical to quoting and delivering multimedia localization projects on time, on scope and on budget. In short, you must be able to use these terms accurately.

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