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5 Easy Tips to Improve The Audio Mix of Your Localized Videos

Background audio, whether it be narration, music, or any other elements, is something that every editor should pay attention to. How audio is used can either make or break a localized video, so knowing how to properly add these elements is crucial. The following tips cover best-practices and if you take the time to implement them in your projects you will undoubtedly see a world of difference going forward.

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1. Use Your Cuts

When it comes to any audio editing or production, an effective use of your cuts can improve quality in a big way. Knowing how to properly apply specific cuts and which ones work best in certain situations, therefore, can really set you up for success.


Two of the most well-known cut techniques are called the J and L cut and if you can master these you won’t need much else. The J cut introduces audio ahead of the video it’s tied to, helping to set the scene ahead of time. The L cut, on the other hand, achieves the same effect, but is applied at the tail end, with audio continuing after the video has cut.


2. Variation Holds Attention

One of the most important things to keep in mind regarding your background music is how much variation it has. A repetitive beat that drones on and on can wear your audience’s patience thin and lead to them being distracted easily. This obviously has a deleterious effect and should be avoided if possible. Instead, focus on music or audio that includes a higher degree of variation as it develops. People tend to respond more positively to these changes and will pay more attention to your video in its entirety if audio is more interesting.

3. Drops For Effect

Speaking of holding your audience’s attention, one of the more effective techniques you have at your disposal is adding drops as needed. Drops help you highlight important elements in your videos. They catch your viewers’ attention right away and hold it there as long as you require. Drops tell your audience exactly where they should be focused and can really help hammer a point home. Drops also work a lot like variation when it comes to keeping up interest throughout your video and ensures your viewers won’t get bored.

4. Mix Visual Action With Audio Tempo

If there’s something happening on-screen, you should always try to match background audio to the action. A scene with ineffective background audio, for example, will pair an action scene with a slow, sad song.


These conflicting inputs don’t mix well when we hear them and can really break immersion or become overly distracting. Finding audio that fits the tempo of any visual action will heighten your viewers’ emotions and make them feel more connected to what’s happening on-screen.


5. Keep Things Interesting

As you can see, eliminating any dull or distracting audio elements in a localized videos can make a huge difference when it comes to the final product. Maintaining the interest of your viewers can be difficult at times, but doesn’t have to be an onerous task. Keeping these techniques and tricks in mind, therefore, will help you hold their attention and can also highlight key on-screen elements.

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