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3 Benefits of Working with a Localization Studio

Translation and localization help build a global audience for your business and your brand. Many businesses are not sure how to go about localizing their content for another country. That's why there are multimedia localization studios, like JBI Studios, that specialize in services such as dubbing in a foreign language or creating captions and subtitles to connect your brand to audiences around the world. Here are three main benefits of working with a localization studio.

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1. Expertise

Most multimedia studios in the U.S. work only in English. A localization studio specializes in multiple languages and should have team members that are bilingual and/or are familiar with various languages.

Having a team trained in working with multiple languages is key. As mentioned in our post about Chinese traditional characters versus simplified characters, a localization studio must know the correct language font and character set to use for your audience. If a video is subtitled in traditional Chinese characters, but was meant for a mainland Chinese audience that uses simplified characters, that can be a major error that costs more time and effort to fix.

Another common issue is that certain languages when translated, expand and increase the length of a recording script (for example when translating from English to German). So if you have a 1-minute commercial in English that needs German voice-over, an established localization studio can have native German-speaking script editors edit the script to make sure it falls within the time limitations while maintaining fluency.

All these details and nuances would be understood by an experienced localization studio with a trained team, from sales to production, that can help catch these issues at each stage of the localization process and provide effective solutions.


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2. Quality of Work

With over 25 years of experience, JBI Studios has built an extensive team of voice talents, translators, quality assurance editors, and directors. Each professional has been rigorously tested and is a native speaker in his or her respective language. This is to ensure that the quality of work produced meets or exceeds the highest industry standards.

For example, let us consider the quality of a translation. With the help of machine learning, online translation services such as Google Translate are more accurate than they've ever been before. However, as any user of Google Translate will tell you, some of these translations can be humorous or downright wrong.

Native speakers of a language understand cultural connotations and context in a way machines do not. This is why localization studios have professional, human translators translate and check all translations.

Companies may consider using freelancers for their localization needs. That's a totally viable option, however, it takes time to test and vet freelancers to ensure quality. Localization studios have already done that vetting work and are also able to offer quality assurance.

When relying on freelancers, you may not have the ability to have the work checked by an expert and may rely only on the freelancer. In this case, localization studios are a stronger choice in that they have a network that enables them to have such checks performed by another native speaker in that language on all work (translations, voice over recordings, etc.). From our experience, having another fresh set of eyes and ears is essential in catching issues that the original translator did not see.



3. Reliability

Another strength about working with a localization studio is that any successful studio must have an established reputation of reliability. Meeting deadlines, adhering to contract agreements, and guaranteeing the privacy and safety of the content are key successful factors for business and making sure clients are happy.

When it comes to meeting deadlines, working with freelancers without an established reputation or formal contracts, may lead to missed delivery times. With localization studios, there are systems in place to ensure that deadlines and high quality standards of work (as mentioned above) are met.

At a localization studio, it's not just an individual that works for you, it's a whole team. Also specific requests or changes that might need specialized knowledge like video editing, on-screen text localization, or script timing, would require you to hire another freelancer. If you rely on a localization studio, you can rest assured they will have the knowledge and expertise to handle the new request.

As a business themselves, localization studios adhere to stricter guidelines and contract agreements than most individuals. Budget, delivery specifications, scope of the project...these are contract elements for which a studio would have established guidelines to make sure both parties are on the same page and know what is to be expected.


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Choosing the Right Studio

It's important to choose the right studio that offers the three main benefits above. If we may make a shameless plug: JBI Studios not only has those three benefits, but also is one of the only multimedia localization vendors with the in-house capabilities to output and re-integrate all the elements in complex multimedia projects such as e-Learning courses, animation, film, and video games.

Regardless of which studio you choose for localization, make sure that they have an established reputation of expertise in the field, producing high quality work, and are reliable in meeting deadlines.

If you have a voice-over or video localization project, be sure to check out our quote checklist below and give us call! We'll make sure that you're able to reach all your localization needs.


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