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The Top Voice-Over, Dubbing, Subtitles & E-Learning Posts of 2017

Now that 2017 is coming to a close, we'll revisit the greatest hits of the year from the JBI Studios Blog – the most-read voice-over, dubbing, subtitling, and e-Learning posts. They reflect what caught the imagination of the multimedia localization industry, from increased accessibility to the emergence of social media as a dominant video platform. As you'll see from the top five posts, 2017 was a year of innovation, market disruption, and exciting change.

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3 Tips to Avoid Corruption Issues in Right-To-Left Voice-Over Scripts

Localization into right-to-left languages – Arabic, Urdu, Hebrew, Farsi and several more – is tricky, and that applies to voice-over as well. It’s not uncommon to get to the recording studio to find that a script in one of these languages has been corrupted to the point where it’s illegible, or nearly so – and this of course leads to additional session costs and pick-ups. As an audio and video localization professional, how can you avoid script issues when recording right-to-left languages?

This post will list 3 tips to help you avoid surprises in the VO booth – and keep your projects on budget and on time.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

How the Linguistic History of Spain Affects Multimedia Localization

If you’ve been following the recent events in Catalonia, you’ve seen the way that language defines how people – and political movements – see themselves within the larger country of Spain. Three languages (including Catalan) have co-official regional status in the country, and together are spoken by close to one third of the population. It’s crucial to understand the linguistic history and make-up of Spain to provide voice-over and multimedia localization to this locale – but it’s also necessary just to understand the current events in the sixth largest country in Europe.

This post will provide a brief linguistic history of Spain and discuss how it affects foreign-language multimedia.

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4 Tips for a Cost-Effective Multimedia Localization Strategy

It’s autumn once again, a time when businesses – everyone from Fortune 500 corporations to boutique marketing agencies – plan out their localization strategies for the coming year. That means budgeting multimedia localization and accessibility, including voice-over recording, video dubbing, subtitling, captioning, and a host of other services. As a localization manager, how do you create a strategy for all this content – let alone a cost-effective budget?

The four tips that follow should help.

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Topics: Translation & Localization

4 Video Localization Tips for Great Corporate Year-End Messages

Corporate year-end video messages – in which a company’s CEO or other high-ranking official discusses a year’s accomplishments and the organization’s plans going forward – establish rapport with employees, and give large organizations direction and vision. They also have to be accessible to large, multilingual workforces – and that of course requires video localization, in particular dubbing and subtitling. But what else can you do to make sure your video reaches out to every single one of your employees?

This post will list 4 tips for great localized corporate year-end-videos.

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Why Multilingual LA Is Perfect for the Olympics (& Voice-Over Too!)

Los Angeles is so ready for the Olympics. Yes, the Games won’t be until 2028, and there are several logistical obstacles to overcome before then. But LA is in a position to be a great host city, in part because of its demographic make-up. In particular, the incredible linguistic diversity of the city and its surrounding county – which makes it a great place to record multilingual voice-over – will be a huge plus when it comes to putting on a global event.

This post will look at how Los Angeles’ multilingual population will be a huge asset to the 2028 Olympic Games.

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4 Tips to Ensure Successful Localized Green-Screen Video Productions

Green-screen video is used in promos, educational multimedia, corporate announcements, customer-facing how-to’s, marketing collateral – and in just about all kinds of online digital media. The costs of green-screen shooting and post-production have gone down dramatically over the last 20 years, and this has been one of the factors in the dominance of video on the web. As companies expand worldwide, international audiences are clamoring for this content as well – which means that the transcreation of green-screen videos, and multilingual soundstage shoots, must be a part of any organization’s multimedia localization strategy.

This post lists 4 tips to ensure your localized green-screen video shoots are successful – i.e., that they’re done on time and on budget.

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How to Record Multilingual Voice-Over Sets for Voice Recognition

Voice recognition is a key component of the next generation of technology, from virtual reality and artificial intelligence, to the home and mobile assistants that people use every day. And the surge in voice recognition has required creating large sets of voice-over audio recordings, which are used to “teach” systems to recognize speech. As voice recognition support in foreign languages has surged, so has the need for multilingual audio sets – and naturally, developers are turning to audio & video localization professionals to create them.

This post will list what you need to know to record the foreign-language audio sets used to calibrate voice recognition systems.

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4 Times In-Studio Interpretation Is a Great Voice-Over Option

In-studio interpretation is an incredibly rapid voice-over solution, and a great choice when you need large amounts of video content localized for worldwide distribution on a limited budget. But how do you know for sure whether it’ll be the right fit for your project? First, by going to a trusted multimedia localization provider like JBI Studios. And second  by checking out this blog post.

This post will list the four types of video for which in-studio interpretation is a great fit.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Dubbing Translation & Localization Video Translation

How to Use Text-To-Speech (TTS) Voice-Over for Document Accessibility

Document accessibility is one of the more common uses for text-to-speech voice-over. Why? Because TTS is a great tool for producing large amounts of voice audio in a short amount of time. But it’s also a relatively new tool, one that comes with a unique set of challenges  in particular for multimedia localization projects.

This post details what you must know to make documents accessible in multiple languages using text-to-speech.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Text-to-speech

What You Must Know about Voice-Over & Audio Files for Localization

There are literally hundreds of digital file formats that support voice-over, music and other kinds of audio recordings – everything from AAC to ZVD. They all have different feature sets, and work with different software. The sheer number of distinct file extensions is mind-boggling. So how can multimedia localization professionals navigate through all of the different formats? Start here.

This post will list what you need to know about audio file formats for voice-over and audio localization.

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5 Tips for Matching Tone in Foreign-Language Voice-Over

Tone is an elusive quality, especially in voice-over. Many creative leads and talent directors have spent hours in the studio getting a marketing promo, online video, or TV/radio spot to sound just right. As you can imagine, matching tone in foreign-language sessions is even more difficult – but it’s something that audio and video localization professionals have to do every day.

This post will list the 5 things you must know to tackle tone in foreign-language voice recording sessions.

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What You Must Know for Brainshark E-Learning & Voice-Over Localization

Brainshark is widely-used in sales organizations – in part because it allows users to create slide presentations, add and synchronize voice-over recordings, and even create interactive content. As multinational sales teams adopt it, we’ve seen many more requests to localize in this platform. And, as is the case with all new multimedia technology, Brainshark presentations are tricky to localize if you don't know what you're doing.

Topics: e-Learning Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

5 Crucial Tips for Captioning & Subtitling Social Media Videos

You’ve probably heard this before – about 85% of Facebook videos are watched without sound. That means that captioning and subtitling these videos is crucial to their success on this social media platform, and on just about any other. And of course, social media content has its own set of unique video localization challenges. What to do?

Start with this post, which lists the five things you must know to successfully caption and subtitle your social media videos.

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Topics: Subtitles & Captions Video Translation

4 Tips to Ensure Accurate Localized Life Sciences & Medical Voice-Over

Medical and life sciences content localization is complex and technical, requires specialized linguists, and demands rigorous accuracy. Peoples’ well-being and even their lives depend on it. So the localized voice-over in these multimedia suites has to be perfect – despite the content difficulty. Fortunately there are a few things you can do to ensure accuracy.

Start with these 4 tips to ensure accurate medical & life sciences multimedia localization.

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5 Tips for Casting Your Brand Voice-Over Talent – in Another Language

Your brand’s voice – the voice-over talent used in your online marketing videos, TV & radio spots, even your phone prompts – is a key part of your business strategy. When your customers hear that voice, they know it’s you. But now, you’re ready to go into markets outside the US. How do you get talents that do the same thing for your brand – in multiple languages?

This post lists 5 tips to help you cast your brand’s voice in foreign markets.

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5 Voice-Over Localization Terms that Trip Up Newbies (& Experts Too!)

We’re not ashamed to say it – voice-over localization is tricky, even for veteran studio professionals. Voice recording and video dubbing are both highly-specialized skills, with terminology that can be challenging, and which shifts as new new technology comes online. As an audio & video professional, what can you do?

Start by reading this post – it lists the 5 terms that trip up both newbies & experts on a regular basis.

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What Gamification Means for E-Learning & Voice-Over Localization

Gamification has been a buzzword in the e-Learning industry for a few years. But it’s more than that – the concept is now a critical part of course development, one that drives what new features software companies like Articulate and Adobe roll out. And of course, it affects e-Learning localization and voice-over services – and quite significantly.

This post will look at what gamification means for localized e-Learning & foreign-language audio recording.

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Topics: e-Learning Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization

4 Dubbing & Voice-Over Text Expansion Killers You Must Avoid

Text expansion is one of the great challenges to translation & localization in general and an issue for dubbing & video voice-over. In the audio recording booth, text expansion that’s not addressed properly can make recording sessions go overtime, and even lead to pick-ups. Fortunately, there are a few sources of text expansion that can be detected relatively easily.

This post will list four sources of text expansion that you must spot – and avoid.

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What the KPMG/Google India Study Means for Multimedia Localization

KPMG India and Google recently released a report detailing online language use in India. It has a few interesting insights into internet engagement and adoption in English and Indian native languages, with major implications for audio & video localization. Anyone looking to translate, localize or transcreate for India will be elated by this report – and challenged as well.

This post will list the report's three main takeaways for multimedia localization.

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Topics: Voice-over & Audio Translation & Localization Video Translation

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