Arabic Voice-Over Production Services

We guarantee the native fluency, quality, and accuracy of our Arabic audio productions. That's what sets us apart from traditional casting agencies and self-serve voice-over websites.

JBI Studios is a full-service studio specializing in voice-over, dubbing, subtitling & multimedia localization.

Professional Localization Studios in  Los Angeles

Our studio facilities produce premium-quality voice-over recordings in all languages. They include two broadcast-quality recording studios, a green-screen soundstage, and audio & video editing suites with multiple platforms.

Our clients around the world include Fortune 500 corporations, leading translation & localization providers, marketing agencies, e-Learning course developers, and cutting-edge new media companies.

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Artist samples for films, TV shows, video games or other entertainment applications available upon request.

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Arabic Voice-Over

Why localize into Arabic? 

With 267 million native speakers worldwide according to Ethnologue, Arabic is the fifth most widely spoken language in the world. It is the official language of 28 countries, as well as one of the official languages of the United Nations. Although there are many regional variations like Egyptian, Levantine and Gulf Arabic, most corporate and e-Learning communications are created in Modern Standard Arabic.

Recording Arabic-language audio and video voice-over is crucial as part of a localization strategy that reaches out to the millions of arabophones around the world.


Why choose JBI Studios over our competition? 

JBI has a proven track record recording Arabic-language voice-over and video localization services for audiobooks, TV and radio spot commercials, shows, feature films, marketing videos, corporate presentations, video games, multimedia suites, and new media productions. We've developed proprietary production processes that guarantee the quality and consistency of every voice-over recording. And our project managers and studio engineers work closely with our clients to custom-build localization solutions that meet all of their requirements – for all types of multimedia content and for all budgets.

JBI's extensive voice talent pools support Modern Standard Arabic voice-over for corporate and e-Learning applications, as well as Egyptian, Levantine and Gulf Arabic for marketing videos, films and TV shows, video games, or any other content that benefits from a local accent. All with the guaranteed native fluency and quality that's the signature of JBI Studios. 

Our 25 years of expertise will guarantee the success of your next localization project.

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The JBI Difference

  • Custom-Built Localization Solutions
  • Premium Casting for Brand Voices
  • One Project Manager per Project

  • Broadcast-Quality Recording Studios
  • Directors for All Recording Sessions
  • Linguistic Review of All Localized Content

  • Premium Audio for Video Games & Apps
  • Radio, TV & Online Marketing Expertise
  • Pro Tools HD & Source-Connect in Studios