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Voice over studio industry was covered in the time-saving tips and tricks technology blog Lifehacker, via the home voice over studio of Jorge Velasco, a Spanish voice over artists. Sharing his workspace Spanish voice over artists Jorge’s photos show color coordinated wall sound dampeners and A/V sound control board next to a two monitored recording station featuring a sound editing software on one screen and “theatre of the screensaver” showing a luscious beach, next to it a portable laptop shares the working space. 


Spanish Voice Over On Lifehacker

The voice over studio of Spanish voice over talent Jorge Velasco's office table features top of the line recording Neumann microphone flexible arm hands that allow adjustments for sitting or standing voice over recordings, home recording studio or professional one a personal touch goes a long way and here that’s being lent by the lava lamp positioned next to the microphone on the table. 

Voice over home studio 10

Lifehacker Voice Over Studio Office Photos

Comparing home voice over studio setups and build expenses, the landscape is filled with excess with top voice over talents Don Lafontaine to music producer Dr. Dre who have home studios built with ultimate voice over technology, opulence with matching sticker price.


Lifehacker’s nod is to the working man’s home recording studio and as such captures the nature perfectly, also increasing the interest to see other ultimate home voice over studio setups from other talents.


Lifehacker by Jason Fitzpatrick

Photos by Jorge Velasco at


voice over studio in Los Angeles, CA - JBI Studios

Los Angeles Voice Over Studios

With 30 years of worldwide service, JBI Studios based in Los Angeles, California features two complete voice over studios which feels like home to project managers and regular voice over talents with the occasional burning pop corn smell in the office air. Sound engineers and talents usually have nicknames for their home voice over office, Don La Fontaine referred to his as “The Hole”. Around JBI Studios, studios are referred to by numbers by the various Japanese voice over, Spanish voice over and French voice over talents intermingling in the lobby, our "Watering Hole".

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