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Hindi voice over is prepared in our facilities specifically engineered for optimal studio recording, equipped with Pro Tools and state-of-the-art hardware operated by veteran audio engineers. JBI Studios reliably provides global clients with high quality Hindi audio and video expected from professional studios.

With 35 years in business we have built a large database of mother tongue, screened, native Hindi voice actors comprised of Hindi actors/actresses, Radio TV announcers and bilingual presenters. All Hindi recordings are supervised by Hindi language directors at JBI Studios, ensuring the correct Hindi pronunciations of product names or relevant Hindi terms.100% Satisfaction guarantee on your Hindi voice over and Hindi English Accents studio recordings.

Hindi Voice Talent

Hindi voice over language guide by JBI Studios, Modern Standard Hindi, is also referred to by Manak Hindi, High Hindi, Nagari Hindi, and Literary Hindi voice over, is a standardized register of Hindustani. The official language of India along with English. Spoken Hindi voice over dialects range from Punjabi, Sindhi, Gujarati, Marathi, Oriya, Bengali and Nepali.

300 million people in India regard Hindi as their native language. However, this includes large numbers of Hindi dialects besides Standard Hindi such as Khariboli Hindi voice over. The regulating authority for Standard Hindi is the Central Hindi Directorate.

Hindi is also enumerated as one of the twenty-two languages of the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution of India, which entitles it to representation on the Official Language Commission.

Examples Of Hindi Translation Voice Overs

  • E-learning, training and educational recordings
  • TV commercials and radio spots
  • Audio books, podcasts, films and documentaries narration
  • Corporate, Medical, Legal, Sales, Business presentations, promotional video and trade show exhibit narration
  • Animation character voices for games, avatars, cartoons
  • Elevator, Airline, Museum, Train, ATM, Kiosk and In Store Announcements or Automated Attendant
  • Telecommunications, PBX, Phone messaging systems and foreign IVR prompt recordings
  • Holiday voice mail greeting, after-hour and on-hold messaging
  • Match IVR voice promts sounds for Avaya voice, ADTRAN voice, Vertical voice

Low Cost Native Hindi VO Narration

Some projects such as  Hindi narration for eLearning and desktop recordings do not always require full quality studio sound and top notch acting. JBI Studios provides low cost solution that allows you to benefit from our full quality process while limiting costs by avoiding unnecessary studio costs.

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Hindi Video Translation For LSPs

Whether you are a Hindi Translation or Localization Service Provider, JBI Studios discretly handles any translation voice over component required by your clients. We take the burden off of your vendor and project managers and give you a final, high-quality, on-time translation voice over product, that you can just pass on to your client with your eyes closed, thus minimizing your internal costs and focusing your resources on your core business: the translation. With JBI Studios as your partner, you can leverage over 30 years of expertise and confidently bid on multimedia components of RFPs and setup conference calls with JBI Studios as your “in house Hindi audio experts”.

Hindi Dubbing in Country

With 30 years of experience in Hindi dubbing and video translation industry, we provide exceptional Hindi Lip-synching matching the facial and lip movements of the speaker on the screen. Experienced voice actors are carefully chosen based on how authenticly or naturally they project the onscreen age, personality and class for dubbing and UN Style recording.

Hindi Subtitling in Country

Starting with bullet proof time coding process on source scripts, we ensure your Hindi subtitles follow the exact same timing. We work with all video files, DVDs, Hindi closed caption, open captions and text formats such as stl, fab, srt and sst. We’ve subtitled for animations, corporate films, documentary, religious and entertainment projects. For Hindi voice over of translated materials, think JBI Studios, contact us now or call us today (818)592-0056.



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