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Flemish Voice-Over Services

Flemish Voice-Over Production

JBI Studios ensures the accuracy and native-speaker fluency of all Flemish productions, maintaining a high level of quality.

We are full-service voice-over, multimedia, graphics and video production studio. Unlike agencies or self-service web pages, JBI can guarantee of every single voice-over recording.

The JBI Difference

  • One Project Manager to oversee all aspects of your work, from receipt of assets to delivery.
  • Talents rigorously screened for diction, tone, native accent, and overall professionalism.
  • All recordings overseen by a native-speaking Professional Voice-Over Director.
  • All recordings QA’d for scipt adherence and pronunciation by a native-speaking Editor.
  • Post-production, Pronunciation and File Management processes to ensure quality.
  • Script Formatting programs and Pronunciation Guidlines created specifically for voice-over.
  • 2 voice-over suites featuring ProTools HD, upgraded hardware, and staffed by Professional Engineers.

JBI Studios has recorded Flemish voice-over projects for over a decade, including corporate videos, lip-sync dubbing for TV and features, training courses, news programs, industrial shows, games and radio spots.

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Flemish Human Voice Talent Samples

More samples available upon request. Contact Us!

4-1-2014 9-18-50 AM Generated, Human-sounding Voices

A cost-effective solution for large projects with tight budgets, and even tighter turn-around times. When paired with our cost-effective post processes, generated voices are a great alternative for user guides, regulations and notices, and to make legal documents accessible to a general public.

Contact Us for an updated list of the languages available for TTS!

Flemish or Belgian Dutch (Belgisch-Nederlands [ˈbɛl̪ɣ̟is̪ ˈn̪eːd̪ərl̪ɑn̪t̪s̪] ( listen), or Vlaams) is the Dutch language as spoken in Flanders, the northern part of Belgium, be it standard (as used in schools, government and the media) or informal (as used in daily speech, “tussentaal”. There are four principal Dutch dialects in Flanders: Brabantian, East Flemish, West Flemish, and Limburgish. The latter two are sometimes considered separate languages. (More on Wiki)

Over Ten Years’ Experience with Productions in Flemish